Wedding Reception Activities

Wedding Reception Games

Now that you have everything ready for wedding, it's time to plan your wedding reception activities. Wedding reception games are the best way to get your guests actively involved in the celebration. Read on to find a few helpful ideas for your upcoming reception.


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Wedding Reception Activities: Dancing Activities

What better way to mix music and fun than a nice round of Musical chairs as one of your wedding reception games? "Musical chairs" is an all-time favorite and can be used as a way to decide who gets to keep your amazingly beautiful table centerpieces. Or, you can simply give away some very nice gifts to the winners. Make sure the music is upbeat and includes oldies as well as modern tunes.

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Another great musical activity that can spice things up at your wedding reception is a dancing contest. This can be used as an ice-breaker if you make sure that each couple is made up of two strangers, one from each side of the family. Let the music play and watch how the dancing contest brings laughs and praise from participants and the rest of the guests.

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Wedding Reception Activities: Karaoke Contest

One of the newer wedding reception games involves a karaoke contest. Like the dancing contest mentioned earlier, this game can help break the ice when guest from both sides of the family are sharing a table at the reception. Have small pieces of paper and a songbook placed at each table. Then have the DJ play a song requested from each table for guests to sing. Let the crowd themselves be the judge of whose talent deserves the prize.

Other Activities: Theme Weddings

Some of the best wedding reception activities involve wedding themes. Wedding reception games can be created based on wedding themes such as holidays, destination weddings and more. For example, have a bobbing for apples contest if your wedding theme is an autumn wedding on or near Halloween. You can also have an Easter egg hunt if your spring wedding is on or near Easter. And, send your guests on a treasure hunt if you have a beach wedding.

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The ideas for wedding reception activities and wedding reception games are endless and can be modified according to the number of guests and your wedding reception location. So, start brainstorming for the best ways to make your guests and active part of the celebration on the most important day of your life: your wedding.

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