Wedding Music Song List

Are you looking for the best way to handle your Wedding music song list? Maybe you just have too many songs you want to include and don't know how to make it work. Or, maybe you just don't know where to start. Read on for a few helpful tips to get you started. 


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Wedding Music Song List: Before You Choose

Before you begin choosing wedding music song list, it is important you decide the type of wedding you're going to have. If it's going to be a small, intimate party then the music can be more casual and modern. However, if you're upwards of 500 guests, the music you play during the ceremony and reception will be different. The songs you choose will reflect the feelings you have for each other as well as the mood of the whole event. So, keep that in mind when making a preliminary list. 

Wedding Music Song List: Ceremony Music

Again, the mood you wish to create is very important when making your song list for the ceremony. Before the ceremony itself begins, you might want to play some soft tunes, like Kenny G or similar instrumental ballads while guests get to their seats. 

Once the ceremony starts, the music you choose to play while walking down the aisle should be to your personal liking. This means it is not mandatory to play the "Wedding March" or "Here Comes the Bride". You should choose a song that is truly special to both of you, like the song that was playing when you first kissed or when he proposed. That way, you will make the ceremony unique and unforgettable. 

Wedding Music Song List: Music for the Reception

Reception music can be a blend of all genres or just one type of music. The songs you play will depend on the theme and time of year of your wedding. For example, if you're having a beach wedding, your reception song listcan include tunes by the Beach Boys or Hawaiian luau music, either recorded or played by a live band. 

What is the most important part of the wedding music song list? Most people would say it is the first dance! The first song the bride and groom dance to should be something special and different. And, after the first dance, thesong list should include most of the songs that both of you enjoy. Plus, you should also include a few popular dance tunes to get your guests on the dance floor. 

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