Wedding Favors for Guests

Many couples shop for wedding favors for guests. The guests of the bride and groom are usually giving a small wedding favor (or a few) as a way to thank them for spending the day with the bride and groom as well as to give them something to remember the wedding by. 


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When shopping for wedding favors for guests what are you looking for? Are there small gifts that are especially popular or things you might want to stay away from? It all depends on a number of things including your budget, your likes and dislikes and your guests. 

Food items are popular, but it you have any special needs, such as diabetic guests, are guests with food allergies; you will need to be careful when choosing the wedding favors for guests. Food favors are nice though as they are practical and may be enjoyed immediately. You can choose sweet treats like chocolate, jelly beans or cookies are you could give away Jordan almonds (a very popular wedding favor), trail mix, mints, or even beverages like individual coffee, tea or hot cocoa mixes. 

Candles are also very popular. You can choose to give small candles like votives or much larger candles; you could also give out decorative candle holders. Want to pair a few favors together? You could choose a nice candle holder, a scented candle which reminds you of your wedding, and matchbooks with your names and the wedding date on them. 

Giving away wedding favors for guests is not an exact science, but one trend becoming more and more popular every day is making sure the gifts you give are useful. Some examples of useful favors include small kitchen items, like bottle openers and measuring cups, playing cards, magnets, linens and wine stoppers. The trick is to think about your guests as a whole and what they could or all would use. You can go for an item they might use on a daily basis like magnets or coasters or you can choose something they will only see once in a while like a wine stopper or playing cards. 

These days many couples choose to have a themed wedding and so they also choose to match their wedding themes and colors to everything including the favors and gifts they choose to give to their wedding guests. Thankfully there is a larger selection than ever before available to brides and grooms and so it is not a problem. These days you can findwedding favors for everything and every theme. You shop by color, by season or theme. 

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