Wedding Favors for Children

Many brides and grooms are buying separate wedding favors for children. You can choose to do this whether you only have a couple of children coming to your reception and wedding or many. Many children really don’t want the adult favor because they cannot do anything with the special favors that adults choose for other adults such as individual coffee packets or candles. 


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So what type of wedding favors for children will you choose? Well this all depends upon your budget and how many children you need to buy for. Weddings and receptions can be a little on the boring side for children so you might want to think about giving them something they can do they occupy their time. In fact it is a good idea to put the goody bags for the children together and have them handed out directly to the children when they first arrive at the ceremony instead of waiting for the reception to get their gifts as the adults will, that way they can use them right away and hopefully be a little more quiet and well behaved. 

The wedding favors that you choose are going to have to be chosen based upon the sex and the age groups of the children you are purchasing for. If you do not have any ideas it would be best to ask the parents what is appropriate for that age and what they approve of and disapprove of, if anything. Some ideas would include coloring books, comic books, picture books, video games, stickers and paper, age appropriate books and magazines, dolls and action figures and building sets. 

If the only children you are purchasing for are the children in the wedding they should be getting both wedding favors for children as well as gifts of appreciation. The flower girl and the ring bearer should be getting some sort of special gift just like the gifts you will buy for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. You can still opt to buy special toys that they will enjoy like building sets, remote control cars or a nice doll, like an American Girl Doll or another special doll they would not get every day. Many couples choose to buy something a little nicer like a medallion for the ring bearer or a bracelet or necklace for the flower girl. Of course your budget and your relationship with each child may affect what you want to buy

Even if you are going to purchase separate wedding favors for children, this does not mean you cannot also give them the traditional adult wedding favors as well. Many children would like something special for them only as well as what everyone else gets as they do not want to be left out. You can give them both and if the adult choice is breakable or not appropriate for them now, their parents can hold on to it for them when they get older as a nice reminder of your wedding. 

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