Unique Wedding Ceremony Decor Ideas

Find ideas on how To decorate for your wedding ceremony.

Do you need help with your wedding ceremony decor? Do you know that during weddings, you can unleash that creative talent in you? Are you tired of seeing almost the same Wedding Ceremony Decor at every wedding you are at, and you just want to be different? Being unique and creative at your wedding might be especially important to you if you are getting married within a few years of other family members or friends. 


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Wedding Ceremony Decor Inspiration Board

If any of your wedding guests have been to several weddings over the past few years you may want to give them a unique experience. Also, creating a beautiful wedding allows you to create not only a great day but beautiful wedding photos and a beautiful wedding video.

wedding ceremony aisle decorated in white flowers and tulle

Aside from the fun that you will have in creating your own Wedding Ceremony Decor, it can also be a bonding time for couples. Although the wedding is important, planning it can be a very stressful time. Being creative can only help!

Creating your own Wedding Ceremony Decor unleashes that artistic talents hidden in you and showcase your talent at the wedding. The wedding day is, after all, your day, so why not ensure it is perfect, in every way?

white wedding aisle with red flower petals

Usually, designs in the Church are different from the designs in the reception. You can see different variations of designs and sometimes, the shades of colors are not the same. Creating your own Wedding Ceremony Decor brings unity of designs in the church and reception.  

outdoor wedding ceremony with white chairs, a white aisle lined with red flower petals

You can choose from a variety of designs for your church or other wedding ceremony location and add personal touches from the flowers, the boughs, and the ribbons. This will allow you to create the visual effects you want at the wedding ceremony. Choosing from a traditional style wedding, classical or modern style to the most elegantly styled ceremony you ever dreamt of. It will make your wedding day memorable. You will also be able to look back fondly at the wedding day that you helped to design!  

church wedding ceremony aisle with white archway, white tulle and white flowers

Unique Wedding Ceremony Decor – Outside

Before your guests even walk into your ceremony, they will see how the outside of the building is decorated. They may also pass through hallways and by other room that you can also add special touches too. Although this can often time be a missed decorating opportunity, it would be great to just decorate a few spots. 

Beautiful outdoor wedding with ornate archway and wedding aisle with red and yellow flower petals

Try to bring your decor and colors and theme in all places at the wedding. Each of these decorations will make great wedding photos and will become part of your wedding memories.

What you can and can not do to your wedding ceremony building and the outside of it will largely depend on the owners of the site itself. However, it never hurts to ask what they do and do not allow.

Fabulous Decorated Garden Path for an outdoor or garden wedding

The Parking Lot – Generally a lot is not done in the area where your guests will park. However, you can find out if it is possible to put any large potted plants or even wedding signs or balloons there. 

Outside The Ceremony – First, see if you can have any signs. Chalkboard signs are a popular and quick way to decorate. You can just have an announcement of the wedding, the time and the date, or you can welcome your guests with a personal message.

If there are steps, you might want to put potted plants, flowers, or even light safety candles on the steps leading to the ceremony.

pale pink outdoor floral decorations
wedding ceremony steps decor
fun and modern wedding signs

One of the more popular wedding decorations is a large wreath, especially in the wedding colors, on the door to the church or other ceremony site.

Inside – If the outside door does not connect directly to the room the ceremony will occur, you might also want to think about putting floral arrangements, signs, balloons, confetti, or flower petals on the path to the room or off to the sides.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Decor – The Pew or Chairs

The outside of each pew is a great place for decorations. Some typical decorations you would see in this spot include ribbons, bows, and flowers.

white outdoor wedding chairs with yellow bouquets
white wedding chairs decorated with baby blue tulle bows
outdoor wedding ceremony decorated with white candles

If the site of your wedding ceremony uses individual chairs instead of a pew, you may want to get chair covers or tie oversized bows around the back of the chair.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Decor – The Aisle

Besides decorating the edge of the pews, you may want to decorate the aisle as well. First find out what the ceremony site usually uses as an aisle runner, if any. You can go with their choice or find out if they allow you to bring in your own. There are many different affordable, but personalized aisle runners you might want to use instead of the typical one provided.

You may also want to decorate the sides of the aisles with flower petals, floral arrangements, or lit candles.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Decor – The Alter

Finally, we get to where you will be saying your vows. The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to use a bridal arch, and if so what it will look like. You can use arches just made of wood or ones with balloons, flowers, vines on them.

Besides the arch, there may be an actual altar or table with other decorations on it. Floral arrangements and candles are very common. If you are participating in any specific wedding ritual, the ingredients to the ritual will be there on display as well. Many couples choose to either do a sand ceremony or a Unity candle ceremony. 

Ornate and beautiful gold and pink decorated wedding altar
beautiful Church wedding altar
outdoor wedding alter with green and yellow floral wedding arch

Sometimes people will also have other decorations such as backdrops. If there is something specific you want, but it is non-traditional, talk about it. Discuss why or why you would not want to do this. For instance, if someone or multiple people close to the two of you have died and can not witness the union, you might want to put beautifully framed photos of these people on the table to signify their loss as well as their importance in your life even when they can not be for your union.

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