Wedding Aisle Decorations

Are you looking for wedding aisle decorations? You're finally walking that aisle in a moment's time. This is now your glorious moment. The one you've dreamed about time and again. What better way to walk down the aisle, but, have it be creative and beautiful with aisle decorations


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You've done serious planning, budget preparation, guest listing among others, and now you're down to one of the important details: the wedding aisle decorations

Before you plan your wedding aisle decorations, there are a lot of details you must consider such as theme and motif of your wedding, season, and location of your wedding. 

Theme and Motif

The look and feel of the wedding aisle decorations will depend heavily on the theme and motif of the wedding. Flowers, wreaths, banners, candles, or even program envelopes may be used resonant with the mood of the wedding. 


It is important to identify the season to ensure that the bride to be garners the right flowers or decorations. One has to be certain that the decorations selected are in season in tune for the wedding proper. 


The location of the wedding will identify how dramatic the wedding aisle decorations may be. It could be as dramatic as perched lanterns should it be an outdoor wedding. Or as simple as vases should it be set-up indoors. 

Coming up with ideas for the wedding of your dreams? Here are some few tips for your wedding aisle decorations

Rose-Adorned Aisle

Large clear vases with floating candles placed on either sides of the aisle with freshly picked rose petals adorning the path. 

Embroidered Wedding Banner

Initials of the couple may be embroidered on silk cloth and hanged on aisle's seats. This may be used eventually as favors for the guests. 


If it's an outdoor wedding set at dusk it would be romantic to illuminate the bride as she takes that fateful walk down the aisle. 

Paper Pew Wreath

Whispery petals with incandescent silver centers may serve as decorations depending on the theme of your dream walking

Program Envelopes

What better way than to keep your guests engaged in your ceremony, but, with program envelopes placed on seats along the aisle? Draw your guests in with loose pages placed inside a pocket of a big envelope with the theme and motif of the wedding.

These are just but some wedding aisle decorations to embellish the wonderful event as you and your mate both say I do. 

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