Vintage Style Wedding Rings

There are a lot of couples out there who want vintage style wedding rings to symbolize their union; maybe because vintage styles are unique and remain fashionable unlike the modern sleek style. Others would love to have antique wedding rings but can't afford the price so they will just settle for the vintage style wedding rings that are available in the market today. 


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Vintage style wedding rings are famous for its classic design and beautiful settings. The gems were cut in softer shapes or edges and with fewer facets unlike the modern ring styles. The styles consist of intricate patterns and elaborate designs such as floral designs, filigrees, doves, leaves, and even animals. The use of engraved patterns, micro-pave, milgrain edges, and bezel settings are vey popular in vintage style wedding rings. 

Engraved patterns can be achieved by twisting the metals into different shapes or engraving elaborate designsto the surface of the band. The use of small pieces of stones like diamonds to make a pattern is called the micro pave settings; these are very common to vintage style wedding rings. 

Another characteristic of a vintage style wedding ring is the soft edges mentioned earlier. These are milgrain edges formed to make a more womanly look, perfect for female wedding band. 

Vintage style wedding ring ideas came from different eras. These are the art deco, Victorian, Edwardian and art nouveau era. Art deco ring styles have geometric patterns and filigrees, perfect for extraordinary wedding bands. During the Victorian era, wedding bands are set with diamonds, rubies or sapphires; they are called snake ring because they are entwined and symbolizes the shared spiritual union of love. 

Edwardian ring styles are embellished with doves, flowers and leaves and sometimes with precious gemstones. While art nouveau rings styles are distinctive because of its animals and plants design. 

Vintage style wedding rings are easy to find unlike the authentic vintage wedding rings. This is because jewelry designers are crafting jewelries that are similar to an antique jewelry; to make it more affordable and availableto those couples who adore vintage designs

Vintage style wedding rings are available in many jewelry stores near your locality or at your own locality. You can also search the internet for more styles and designs. Always remember to check the quality of the wedding rings when purchasing them. Make sure that it is durable enough to withstand a lifetime. It can even be a family heirloom because vintage designs do not have a propensity to go out of fashion. 

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