Modest Victorian Style Wedding Dresses

Are you interested in Victorian Style Wedding Dresses? Weddings are not just a time of celebration for the union of a man and a woman. Weddings are rich in customs and traditions that vary in every race. Wedding gowns during medieval period is not always white but it bears the modesty of the bride in those times. It was in 1840 when Queen Victoria married her cousin Albert of Saxe that white becomes a traditional color for weddings and hence after her name, trendy Victorian style wedding dresses was born. 


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Wedding gowns before the wedding of Queen Victoria depends on the color they chose. Color has meanings of their own and the color selected by the couple always reflects the kind of life they want. Believe it or not, according to history, the actual color that Queen Victoria wore during the ceremony is not actually pure white. It is a bit cream or off white. 

Modern day bridal gowns have strapless designs or off shoulders and the designs are revealing especially on necklines, Victorian wedding dresses are compose of layered fabrics and modest in their look. Standard Victorian style wedding dresses are elegantly simple. These dresses are fully skirted complete with petticoats and hoops worn just like those of the early 1800s. 

The Victorian era was classified as an age of elegant and classic beauty. People began dressing up for all occasions like parties and costume events as well as the wedding ceremonies. Victorian style wedding dresses sets the traditional white wedding gowns and made it as the most appropriate color for wedding ceremonies. The tradition preserves the white color for the wedding gown as a symbol of purity. 

How can you tell if the gown is Victorian? Skirts are ankle-length and cover every inch of the body. It has a lot of ruffles and fully laced designs. Wearing a corset for the ladies can help shaping the body into an hour glass shape. Your hair must have a simple bun. Add embellishments and put on jewelries to add to that elegant Victorian style wedding dresses 

To complete, a veil made of lace complete with floral patterns flowing from a sort of headdress. The length of the veil varies depending on the bride would want it to be. Sometimes, the longer the veil reflects how big the wedding celebration is. 

Victorian Style wedding dresses are classic dresses that never go out of style. Wear it with pride as it enhances the beauty of the bride without revealing much skin. If you are conservative and would not want revealing wedding gowns, go for the real Victorian style. 

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