Different Types of Unusual Wedding Rings

Do you want unusual wedding rings? The wedding date has been announced. You're busy with planning, preparation, and budgeting for the big day. What other way, but, to express your lifelong love, commitment, and oneness with none other than a wedding ring? You may also opt to be creative with unusual wedding bands that are available in the market. 


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It has been believed that the fourth finger of the left hand has a vein directly connected to the heart. This is the reason behind why both the engagement and wedding rings are worn on this particular finger due to the straight route to the heart. 

Why not standout? As you share your eternal and unending love for each other to the world? Here are some means of illustrating your commitment through unusual wedding bands: 


Skilled artists use old world techniques in customizing unusual wedding bands to suit the couples' taste and style. It is essential that one selects carefully the metal smith with works and portfolio that may match your preferences, budget, and lifestyle. 


Posey rings are rings popularized in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. It is a ring engraved with a minute poetic quote on the inside as a manifestation of your willingness to love and commit for a lifetime. Very symbolic and romantic as you share the quotes engraved on the ring. 


Another noteworthy manner of expression of your everlasting love would be through meteorite rings. Wouldn't you be pleased to share with your friends and loved ones that your wedding ring used to be part of the outer space? 


In selection of unusual wedding rings, maybe you'd want to pick wooden rings especially if both of you are nature lovers. These rings may last a lifetime if properly kept and taken care of. 

Hand woven

These rings are created by heating gold, silver, or platinum and placed in different molds with the desired shape and size. These unusual wedding rings are crafted by hand with intricate details


Be bold and unique and have your wedding band created out of old coins. Coins could be in silver dollars, half-dollar denomitations, and quarters even. 

Love Knot

To be on the more romantic side of things, why not decide on wearing a ring with a love knot design illustrating the union of two souls forever? 

Unusual wedding rings are a creative self-expression of your desire to commit for a lifetime. 

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