Tulip Wedding Centerpieces Tips and Guidelines

Are you planning on having tulip wedding centerpieces? After the wedding ceremony, the welcoming of guests in the reception follows and the main focus when it comes to wedding decorations is the centerpieces. You might be considering different types of flowers as a centerpiece but among the most popular choices are tulips. You can have different designs of tulip wedding centerpieces that come in different meanings.


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Tulips are shaped like inverted bells or cups and are produced as a single bud in sturdy green stalks with broad leaves. Tulips range from six inches to as tall as 27 inches depending on variety. Tulips come in different colors making it best for centerpieces.

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Tulip wedding centerpieces are best if you keep the special nature of this beautiful flower. Although tulips can be bought all year round, it is best to buy between November and May. Designing Tulip wedding centerpieces can be fun too. One of the latest designs is to submerge tulips in a clear vase. You can use one long stemmed tulip and put it in a tall vase. Elegant yet money saving. Tulips look best when complimented with a clear vase.

Red tulip wedding centerpieces symbolizes true and perfect love, inspired by the story of Prince Farhad and his love for Shirin. It was said that when the prince learned that Shirin was killed, the prince was grieving and rode his horse over the edge of the cliff after killing himself. The Turkish legend said that the red tulips sprang from the droplets of blood from the body of Prince Farhad.

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Royalyt are always associated with Purple tulips. Happy thoughts are symbolized by yellow tulips. Yellow is the color of the sun. When the sun shines, it makes you smile. Using yellow tulips wedding centerpieces will make you smile all throughout your wedding life. White tulips are not just symbols of purity, if you want to send a message of forgiveness, the white tulip can help you express it. One of the most popular varieties of tulips is the variegated tulips. It symbolizes beautiful eyes because of its striking colors.

Tulips usually do not have any scents, although some tulips have slight fragrance. Your tulip wedding centerpieces can also be put in potted vases. Tulip wedding centerpieces are attractive and can create a meaningful and romantic ambiance. What to do with tulips after the reception? Learn new recipes and use the edible tulip petals, chefs use it in salads and tea sandwiches.

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