Tall Wedding Centerpieces

Tall Wedding Centerpieces are a quite popular wedding decorating choice. Tall centerpieces look grand and elegant. These centerpieces are not only stunning, but they can also help create the elegant atsmosphere that you are looking for.


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To create the beauty of tall wedding centerpieces while maintaining happiness and comfort for your guests you will want to use centerpieces with thin stems at the bottom where the majority of the centerpiece is high up. By creating tall centerpieces in this fashion your guests will still be able to appreciate the beauty of your wedding decorations, but they will also be able to see the other people at their table without looking around the centerpieces.

Here are a few examples of tall wedding centerpieces:

tall wedding centerpieces, tall white centerpieces, white wedding centerpieces

This is a nice example of a tall centerpiece. It is not the tallest that you could have by any means, but it still looks nice and elegant. The stem is thin enough so it is not obstructing the view of your guests, but the flowers are close enough in height to the table for your guests to enjoy.

tall wedding centerpieces, yellow wedding centerpieces, sunflower wedding centerpieces

The above centerpiece is taller but gives your wedding guests a nice view of both the sunflowers towering over the table as well as other elements at eye level such as smaller sunflowers and candles.

tall wedding centerpieces, beautiful wedding centerpieces, floral wedding centerpieces

Here is another nice example. This time the vase which holds them is not only thin, but clear. This is probably your best bet for a container. It is thin, cleat and it looks beautiful. You will also notice in this photo that to accentuate the color of the flowers they used matching colors nearby.

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