Summer Wedding Favors

Many brides and grooms choose the summer season for their wedding and they give out summer weddingfavors. The weather is very nice during the summer, June is especially popular. Many brides and grooms choose to marry in the summer because the weather is typically so nice. They can choose to plan an outdoor wedding or at least pictures outside. They do not have to worry as much about bad weather running or affecting theirwedding plans. Whatever reason that they choose to get married in the summer, many decide to incorporate the season into their wedding favors. 


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Beach themed weddings are very popular. Some couples choose to have an outdoor wedding at the beach whereas others just incorporate the beach theme into their wedding day. Either way, there are plenty of beach themed favors to choose from. Some of the more popular beach designs include sandals and beach pails. Your summer wedding favors could be anything really; some popular forms beach wedding favors take include magnets, candles, picture frames and soap.

Candles are always a popular choice, especial for summer wedding favors. Candles could be shaped like summer items such as seashells, sailboats or orchids or you could choose to use a simple candle with an elaborate holder. Whereas different shaped candles are beautiful, once they are used the keepsake is gone. However, if you choose to give a votive or taper holder than your guests will be able to reuse that item forever. You can get nice beach themed candle holders such as sand pails, flowers, dolphins or sun or stars. 

Items such as artificial leis or other flowers can also be appropriate as wedding favors for a summer wedding. If you are planning to have flowers as your centerpieces on the tables you may wish to give each of your guests a single flower like the ones used in your centerpieces as a favor. This is a great idea because when you do this your favors will also serve to enhance the décor at your reception by closely matching the centerpieces.

Giving a fresh flower as a favor is appropriate but you might also opt to give an artificial flower. This is because artificial flowers can be kept by your guests as a memento of your wedding while fresh flowers will likely wilt shortly after the wedding. Some of your guests may dry or press the fresh flowers to create a memento but the majority of them will simply discard the flower once it wilts. If you really want to go all out you can give a bouquet instead of a single flower. If you want the flowers to last you could choose to give out small plants or even flower seeds. 

Picture frames are also very popular as summer wedding favors. This is because picture frames come in so many different styles that the couple is likely to find a picture frame which has a definite summer feel to it. There are picture frames which feature beach scenes, picture frames which are adorned with seashells and a wide variety of other whimsical picture frames which convey the meaning of summertime. Picture frames can not only be found in a wide variety of styles but are also very practical gifts. Many wedding guests enjoy receiving picture frames as wedding favors because they now have a place to store a photo of the new couple. Still other weddingguests enjoy receiving picture frames as wedding favors simply because they always have use for anotherpicture frame and can use this frame to store pictures of friends or family members. 

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