Silver Wedding Shoes

Are you shopping for silver wedding shoes? Your wedding gown is almost done and still you don't have any idea of what style and color of shoes you're going to wear on your big day, so why not try a silver bridal shoes? They can actually suit any formal dress in a formal occasion like your own wedding. And there are so many reasons why you should wear a silver wedding shoes instead of any other shoes. 


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When you take a look at your gown, you will notice that there are silver linings, sequins, and embroidery that can match a silver wedding shoe. Wearing silver bridal shoes will definitely emphasize the small details and the intricate pattern of your gown. Also, if you'll be having silver tiara and jewelries, your whole ensemble will surely sparkle and stand out. 

When you walk down the aisle, and you're wearing your silver wedding shoes, a little part of it could be seen, and the glinting effect will absolutely complement your white wedding gown. Ivory wedding shoes have the same effect, but silver wedding shoes are distinctive and dressy. 

Most designers are creating silver wedding shoes, so if you love designer shoes, you'll positively get what you want. You'll find silver wedding shoes in so many attractive designs. Some have ribbons, bows, rhinestones, buckles, and beads. If you're tall enough, buy flat silver wedding shoes. For brides not so tall, high heeled peep toe silver wedding shoes or strappy sandals could be a perfect choice. 

Unlike white and ivory wedding shoes that can only be worn with white dress, silver wedding shoes can easily be paired with any formal dress in any color and you can even wear it matching your designer jeans. By purchasing silver wedding shoes, you're not only spending for your wedding but you are investing into something that is useful and extravagant as well. And if you're going to wear it, you'll remember your wedding day and how happy and contented you are on that day. 

In choosing your silver wedding shoes, don't forget comfort. It is important that your feet are comfortable enough to last a day standing and dancing. New shoes are always not comfortable, so you better break them in weeks before the big day. Just always remember that in buying your wedding shoes, comfort is the most important. If you'll be having an aching feet, your mood will be affected and you'll feel uneasy; and there's no reason to be unhappy because it is your day. 

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