Save The Date Ideas

If you are looking for save the date ideas - congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It is time to find the best way to let everyone know that you are not only engaged but you have set the date!


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If your wedding is more than 6 months in the future, you are having a destination wedding or are inviting people who will need to travel or your wedding is around a holiday or an event that people could possibly make other plans for that time period, you will want to send out a save the date card or magnet.

Save The Date Ideas - Tell Your Story.

The condensed versions anyways!

Looking for a simple save the date idea that is not overly decorated with photos or design elements? Consider this super cute long story short save the date card. It will give your guests everything they need to know but also include a few extra details!

Like the idea of the story but want a little more color? How about a photo as well - many save the dates these days include a photo or two, which actually will turn this cute save the date card into a keepsake! 

Save The Date Ideas - Bottle Openers

Are you looking for something fun and different to give to people for Save the Date Ideas? What about a bottle opener? Everyone uses bottle openers, and having your wedding information on one is a cute idea that is not done all the time!

You could choose a basic one like the one below that would work for any wedding which is pretty and lets your guests know your wedding date.

If you are planning a Vegas Wedding you could use one more specific like the one below. Either way these make great keepsakes that your friends and family can have for years to come.

Save The Date Ideas - Keychains

Another unique idea for save the dates would be to give people keychains. The keychain could be as simple as the two of your names and the wedding date or they could be a more dramatic design. The choice is yours. Below we have selected a few examples of ones we like - hope you like them too!

Save The Date Ideas - Coffee Mugs

Another great way to let people know you are getting married is by giving them a specialty coffee mug with the information on it. Now personalized coffee mugs are more expensive than many of the other choices you have so you might want to save this type of save the date for people in the wedding party, close family and friends.

The save the date mug below would work for most weddings, but especially summer wedding or beach weddings as it features a beach and blue skies.

Are you looking for something that would work with all weddings instead? I really like this pink and black one below. It is cute and stylish - but it still gets the point across!

Save The Date Ideas - Magnets

Outside of postcards and other forms of stationery, the most popular choice for save the date ideas is using magnets. Magnets are a great choice because your wedding guests will see them everyday on their fridge or where ever they choose to place them. Of course magnets are also a choice that allows people to keep this as a momento of your wedding forever.

One popular choice is to use a series of photos in your magnet. Photos are a popular, the show the happy couple in love and ready to start their life together.

If you do not want to use a series of photos you can instead choose to just use one photo instead. This can be a shot from your time together leading up to the engagement or you can take a photo to specifically use for the magnet.

Photos are great - but they are not for everyone. You might want some choices that do not involve placing your photo on the fridge of everyone you know! If you are looking for something sweet and romantic you might enjoy the scrolled roses magnet below. It has pale pink and purple as the main colors. It is a very pretty and feminine choice.

Perhaps you are looking for something more on the bolder side. This save the date is bold and fun, has a great font and style. I love the colors as they really jump out at you!

Looking for something a little more fun? Are you having a Halloween wedding or do you just want to show some of your personality? How about these awesome Skull Save the Date magnets?

Are you looking for something on the cute side? The magnet below is adorable, it gets the point across and it is very fun. Who would not want to put that on their fridge at home? 

Are you looking for something a little more rustic? What about these cute tree  with lights rustic save the date magnets? It is still super cute but it has a rustic feel with it's neutral color scheme and it's monograms on the tree. It is a great choice.

Are you looking for a magnet that has a more elegant feel to it? How about this beautiful red and white save the date magnet? It would be great for someone with red as part of their color scheme or someone who is planning a winter wedding, even a Christmas one! The bright white sparkling lights really lighten up the red background of this save the date magnet!

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