Outdoor Wedding Reception Ideas

Are you looking for outdoor wedding reception ideas? Your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of your life. Having an outdoor reception is one way to make the occasion especially beautiful for friends and family. 


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With a bit of extra special planning, your outdoor celebration can be the social event of the season. First though you muct come up with some outdoor wedding reception ideas. The first issue you can count on when you’re planning an outdoor reception is that the weather may be an issue. The solution is to be prepared. Arrange for the emergency option of an escape indoors, just in case the elements fully betray your day. However, don’t sweat it too much. All your guests will love the day, and a little bit of seasonal weather will not scare them away, especially if they have planned ahead like you. 

Make it a topic of discussion, so that people are prepared for the worst, but ready to celebrate the best. Need more outdoor wedding reception ideas? Have you decided what season to plan this outdoor event? 

Summer Weddings

Summer is everyone’s favorite time to plan an outdoor reception, because the weather complications are minimal and the location options are maximized. But don’t restrict yourself to one time of year. Consider the advantages of every season, and go with your heart. 


If you’re thinking about a spring wedding, know that beautiful fresh flowers are sure to be in bloom. Pick the right location, and your event will be naturally perfumed. Just remember to have a realistic up-do to account for possible breezes. 

Fall and Winter

Outdoor Wedding Reception Ideas are not just limited to the warmest months of the year. Perhaps you’d like an autumn wedding instead. Gorgeous fall colors are perfect decorations, so find the most inviting location outdoors and make that your backdrop. You can even consider having a winter wedding. You know your guests will love hot drinks served outdoors, while you are showing off your best fur accessories

Another important factor to consider when coming up with outdoor wedding reception ideas is the events and activities list. Since you’re already on the edge of tradition by celebrating outside, you might as well really make it memorable for your guests. Go with an entertainment theme that highlights the outdoor setting. There are so many cultural and historical possibilities, you can have fun with your own creativity. 

Think Medieval Festival, for a springtime celebration of fertility that can include dancing and jousting. Or try a Halloween themed costume party for a fall wedding, and your guests surely will never forget a midnight party howling under the harvest moon. Or consider a Russian Winter Carnival theme for a winter wedding, to include ice skating and sleigh rides. 

Finally, always keep in mind that nothing else is as important as the love you are sharing. This special time is bringing together all the people who have ever known you and all the people who will come to know you better. Outdoors might be the only place that can hold so much love and happiness at one time! 

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