Ideas For Wedding Reception Favors

Many brides and grooms need ideas for wedding reception favors. There was a time when the creativity level of the favors you could buy was not that great. Wedding Favors were pretty interchangeable from wedding to wedding. Thankfully now we do not have that problem! 

These days the problem is quite the opposite. There are so many different types of favors to choose from. It is like the wedding industry went from have a very poor favor selection to offering up wedding favor overload. 


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So what is a bride to do? Just like throughout the rest of the wedding the bride and groom need to make some decisions, coming up with ideas for wedding reception favors is no exception. The first questions that must be answered is what type of favor, how many favors per guest and how much money can the bride and groom afford to spend per guest. 

Wedding Favor Pricing

Let us start with the price first, because let’s face it – weddings are expensive. Wedding favors have a wide range of pricing from about a dollar a piece to ones that are over $10.00 per favor. Even though that is certainly a large price range, it is expected because of the range of items available. For instance, say you are having a fall wedding and you want fall wedding favors. You could buy something simple like autumn tea packets or a leaf cookie cutter for just around $1.00 a piece. However if you wanted to get something more expensive like a nice gel candle themed for the season or a leaf topped bottle stopper you may be spending a few dollars more per favor. It all depends on what you are looking for and what exactly you want or can afford to spend. 

If you are looking for ideas for wedding reception favors and a way to cut the costs down a bit you might consider buying favor bags or boxes separately and then filling them with various bulk items and put favors together yourself. You would be able to give out bags or boxes of tasty treats like Jordan almonds, chocolates or mints. These are popular items as they are easily and quickly consumable, leaving your guests happy that they have something to snack on. 

Wedding Favors Per Guest

Coming up with ideas for wedding reception favors can also mean how many favors and how to give more than one. How many favors per guest might also depend upon your budget. Even if you do not have a ton of money to spend one great way to give more than one favor is to create favors for the table to share during the reception. You can still give each person their own favor but also use a centerpiece like a glass candy dish and fill it with treats for the guests to enjoy throughout the evening. You can either use generic treats that you can buy anywhere like candy coated chocolate, after dinner mints, a variety of nuts or trail mix or you can spend a little extra to have it match your wedding. For instance you can match the candy or mints to the colors or your wedding party. Or you could use personalizes candy, conversation hearts or Hershey kisses. 

If that idea is not something you want to consider you could instead buy multiple favors for each person and then put them in a favor bag or box. So if your main favor is a nice candle holder you could pair with it a 3 pack of candles, and matchbooks with your names and wedding date on them. 

Wedding Favor Ideas

What kind of wedding favors are you giving out? Do you need some ideas for wedding reception favors? Well for basic non themed weddings there are many choices. Some of the more popular ones include candy, flowers, measuring spoons, salt and pepper shakers, candles, magnets, ornaments, playing cards, bookmarks, coasters, wine stoppers and coffee and tea packets. When deciding what you want to give you will need to thank about your guests and what they would enjoy! If you’re unsure think about each wedding favor and if you would like receiving it. 

Themed weddings have even more specific choices available to a bride and groom. Usually these are wedding favors with certain designs or themes in mind. The items you give might be some of the same as listed above but they will be decorated for your specific theme. Beach weddings are very popular these days, as are beachwedding favors. If you are having a beach themed wedding you could choose to give out seashells or favors decorated with seashells, filled with beach sand or soaps shaped like starfish. The amount of ideas for wedding reception favors that you can come up with are endless. Of course you can find examples no matter what your theme is. If you do not have a specific theme, that does not mean your favors cannot be themed. If the bride and groom share a love of something, they can let their passion come through with the favors. 

Finding ideas for wedding reception favors is not too difficult. When you begin your shopping, do not forget to be creative! Think about your wedding and your passions and use that to come up with the perfect favor. Wedding favors are there to thank your guests for sharing in your wedding day, so do not forget to shop with them in mind as well! 

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