Hiring a Wedding Planner

Are you planing on hiring a wedding planner? If so there are questions that you should be asking. There is no need to hire the first wedding planner you meet. When you meet with a possible candidate remember they are applying for a job. You should interview them just like any employer would, decide who would work out best and choose wisely, this is your wedding we are talking about. 


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Here are some potential questions to ask if you are hiring a wedding planner: 

  • Request to see portfolio photos of previous weddings they planned.

  • Inquire on how long they have been in business or working in the wedding industry

  • Ask about the fee. Ask whether it is a flat fee, based on hours worked or a percentage of the cost of the wedding

  • Make sure that they will plan the entire wedding, not just a part of it such as the ceremony or the reception.

  • Make sure that there are no planning details that they will not attend to.

  • Find out how many meetings you will have or how much contact you will have if you do hire them.

  • Ask about vendors they use. Are these vendors varied or do they use the same vendors for every wedding. If they use the same vendors for every wedding find out why. Is it because they are the best or do they have some contracts to uphold. If you already have some decisions beforehand like using a certain bakery make sure that they will be willing to work with any vendors you have already chosen.

  • Find out if youÂ’ll have input or the level of input you will have on planning the wedding, choosing vendors, sites and other details.

  • Ask for references and follow up on those references

Hopefully now hiring a wedding planner will be a little easier! 

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