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Green Bridesmaid Dresses - Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Usually the color of the bridesmaid dresses are representative of the colors of the wedding. The main color the bridesmaid wears is the main color of the wedding. If you have already chosen green as your main wedding color, great your in the right place! We will talk about green bridesmaid gowns and show photos of some of our favorites.

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f you have not chosen your wedding colors yet but are still interested in green bridesmaid gowns you might want to consider if you really want green as your main wedding color. Your wedding color will be showcased throughout your big day including in bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid shoes, cummerbunds, handkerchiefs, bouquets, centerpieces, floral arrangements, wedding stationery, the color of the wedding cake and other wedding decorations. Of course you would choose how little or how much you used, but it would be prominent. If you can picture all of the above in shades of green then great you have chosen your main wedding color.

Green Bridesmaid Dresses - Choosing The Perfect Style

Once you have chosen your main wedding color, you have a few more steps to go in choosing the right bridesmaid dress. You will want to narrow it down to a specific tone or shade of green and then you will want to choose the specific style of the dress you envision the bridesmaids in. 

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If you already know, that is great. If not, we are going to show you different styles and shades of green on this page. Although there is nothing wrong with a traditional long bridesmaid gown, there are more choices on the market today. You should know your options before you start shopping.

Green Bridesmaid Dresses - Long and Traditional

I know I said there are more than long, traditional gowns on the market today, but they are still the number one choice of most brides out there so we are going to start with this type of gown. If you are looking for the most choices when you start shopping, the long gown will give you them. Because they are the most popular most bridesmaid gowns on the market are long. 

green bridesmaid dresses, Trumpet Sweetheart Half-Sleeved Beading Zipper Chiffon Lace Dress

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Most brides wedding dresses are long and so are the bridesmaid gowns. Similar lengths of the dresses makes a good visual appearance in person and in photos. Just because the gowns are long, that does not mean they need to be uncomfortable. Many long gowns these days are made of more breathable fabric and can not on be gorgeous, but also comfortable to wear.

Green Bridesmaid Dresses - Shorter Choices

When I said that most of the gowns available today are long, I said most, not all. That means there is a good selection available of shorter dresses. You can find dresses in slightly shorter than past your ankles to dresses that are above the knees. How short you do is up to you.

green bridesmaid dresses, One-Shoulder Pleated Backless bridesmaid dresses

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The wedding day can be a long day and a shorter dress might prove to be more comfortable, especially if you are getting married in the warmer summer months. There are many reasons to consider a shorter dress including the time of the year, the weather climate, the style you are looking for and what the bride is wearing. Not all brides wear long dresses and it only makes sense that if the bride can go shorter, so can the bridesmaids.

Green Bridesmaid Dresses - Strapless

Whether you choose a shorter dress or a longer dress, there are other style elements you might want to consider. One of those elements is a strapless dress. Some of the reasons people choose bridesmaid gowns are because they can look amazing, they are a classic style and to better match what the bride is wearing. 

green bridesmaid dresses, Romantic A-line Strapless Floor Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

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When shopping for bridesmaid dresses you should consider what the bride is wearing. If the bride is wear a strapless gown, putting the bridesmaids in long sleeves would not make sense. The dresses do not have to match exactly, but the general styles should. For instance if the bride is wearing an reserved and very traditional wedding gown, the bridesmaids should not be ultra modern gowns.

If you are going to choose a strapless gown there are some things you should remember. A strapless gown at a wedding might not be right for someone who would not wear that style any other day. They need to feel safe and comfortable. If they end up choosing these – do not forget to really test them – they should while wearing them jump up and down, bend over, do a turn (like on the dance floor) – you would not want any wardrobe malfunctions on your wedding day! 

green bridesmaid dresses, Long Bridesmaid Dress green floor length strapless

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Finally – the bust has to be perfect. If it is too loose, the dress will fall down and they will be constantly making adjustments, if it is too tight, they will be uncomfortable and in pain all night.

Green Bridesmaid Dresses - One Shoulder

Another popular wedding style is the one shoulder bridesmaid dress. This is a style that can look sophisticated and even delicate. It can be feminine and pretty. It is a lovely style to choose for almost all body types. 

Having just one shoulder makes the shoulders appear closer together so this would not be the best for a rail thin bridesmaid, but it looks nice on everyone else. If unsure, try one on to see how it looks.

green bridesmaid dresses, One Shoulder Bridesmaid Gown Asymmetric

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It is similar to a strapless because there is only material on one sleeve, but it gives more support and comfort to the wearer. It can be a beautiful gown, it is definitely one you want to consider. 

Green Bridesmaid Dresses - Off The Shoulder

Another choice would be the off the shoulder gown. This dress will allow the look of strapless as there will be no material above the shoulder line, but it will have more comfort and support for those wearing them.

An off the shoulder bridesmaid gown could have very short sleeves to long lace or sleeves. There are many different style elements to consider with this look. This type of dress can look very romantic and feminine – something to consider if this is the look you are going for. 

green bridesmaid dresses, Split Off Shoulder A Line Satin Bridesmaid Dress

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An off the shoulder gown photographs really well and it can be mush more stable and secure than just going strapless.

Green Bridesmaid Dresses - Ask The Bridesmaids

Now you know many different options for your green bridesmaid dresses. One of the things I would recommend is to get input from your bridesmaids. Remember they are the ones that will have to wear these dresses all day long. They should be happy and comfortable! 

green bridesmaid dresses, A-Line One-Shoulder Long Pleated Floor-Length Dress

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Another thing to consider when shopping is that especially for bigger wedding parties having the bridesmaids all wear one style and shade is not the most popular choice anymore. Your bridesmaids will probably all have different body types, skin tones and hair colors. It only makes sense to allow them to wear the gown that looks the best on them. These could include different shades of green, different lengths of the gown, different necklines and different types of sleeves. 

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