Freshwater Pearl Strands

Jewelries made from freshwater pearl strands are becoming popular these days; not only as accessories but as bridal jewelry as well. The pearl is the oldest gem and it is considered the most precious of all in a longest time. Many believed that it has mysterious powers that can bring wealth and good health to the people wearing it. And this is the reason why it is considered as heavenly offerings for royalty. 


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A unique handcrafted jewelry made from freshwater pearl strands can be a wonderful gift to the newlyweds. It is believed that it symbolizes purity and innocence. Some would say that there's a love potion in it. 

Freshwater pearls are cultured in mollusks while the saltwater pearls are from oysters; this is the difference between the two kinds of pearls. Most freshwater pearls are cultured in Japan and China; these countries have made several studies on how they can culture freshwater pearls in masses. This is the reason why a freshwater pearl is cheaper than a saltwater pearl. 

Freshwater pearls have several variations in colors, sizes, and shapes, that's why jewelry designers are increasingly using it for jewelry making. And because those kinds of pearls have solid nacre, it becomes more durable and shiny. It is very important that the nacre of your freshwater pearl strands should be thick to have a long life and shine. Thick nacre is easy to distinguish from a thin one; a pearl with thick nacre will reflects more light than a pearl with thin nacre, making it more lustrous. 

The surface of freshwater pearls is not free from blemishes. They usually have small bumps or spots that cannot be observed easily. However, those blemishes wouldn't affect its value unless it was big enough to be seen like cracks or a rough surface. A freshwater pearl with smooth surface is very rare and expensive compared to pearls with imperfections. 

To have a freshwater pearl strands, pearls should be consistent in color, shine, form, marking, and graduation. No two pearl looks the same so it is really difficult to make a freshwater pearl strand that is consistent in all aspects. Side by side, each pearl in a strand should be similar to each other to acquire a perfect strand; this is a very tedious work and requires a skilled worker to get this done properly. 

With freshwater pearl strands, anyone can have a beautifully handcrafted jewelry that is very unique and elegant. It is perfect for any occasion just like your wedding. Just pick a nice set that matches your gown and you're off to walk the aisle. 

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