Edible Wedding Favors

Edible wedding favors are almost always appreciated by wedding guest. It does not matter whether you choose to give sweet items or more savory items; your guests will enjoy it. They will be happy that you thought about their happiness when choosing your wedding favors. 


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The only downside to giving an edible wedding favor instead of something more traditional is that it is likely to be consumed shortly after your wedding (or during) the reception instead of being saved for years to come as a memento of your wedding. When deciding whether or not to use edible favors you need to choose what is more important to you: the guests immediate happiness or the possibility that they would like to have a memento of your special day forever. 

One of the most popular edible wedding favors is chocolate. If you choose to give chocolate you can use a simple chocolate bar which is wrapped in a personalized wrapper. The types of candy bars available are pretty varied. You could use milk, white or dark chocolate and they could be plain or have ingredients such as almonds, nuts, raisins, caramel or peanut butter. 

Choosing a wrapper usually includes even more options which is good as the wrapper will be the first thing your guests notice. Most brides and grooms opt to have their names and the date of the wedding printed on the wrapper and selects a wrapper design which relates to love, weddings or the specific theme of the wedding. Sometimes brides and grooms also choose to have a picture of themselves printed on the wrapper to make it even more personalized. 

If you want to give chocolate edible wedding favots but don’t really want to give it out in bar form you may want to consider using a candy tin. Candy tins are a great choice because you can give the guests something edible and the tin can be saved as a keepsake. If you choose to use the tins but don’t want to use chocolate there are other choices of candy to choose from. You could fill the tins with hard candy, after dinner mints, candy coated nuts or any kind of candy that is your favorite or that loosely fits in with your wedding theme. Tins are nice as the guests can save them as they would your favors but they might choose to use them for everyday things like storing loose change or other small items inside. 

If you want to give out candy but you also want to give out a non-edible keepsake you could always make a candy centerpiece at each table with a large glass or crystal bowl filled with candy so your guests can snack on it during the reception but also have something to take home with theme. If you feel that the centerpiece has too much candy to be consumed during the evening you could purchase small containers for the guests to fill before they leave in order to give them something to take home with them. 

Another popular sweet treat to give away is cookies. Who doesn’t love cookies? There are numerous options when giving out cookies as edible wedding favors. You can select cookies which are rather plain in nature but place them in keepsake boxes with the bride and grooms’ names as well as the date of the wedding. You could give out elaborate cut out cookies either in romantic themes such as heart or ones that are personalized to your tastes and styles. If you want to give a lightly less sweet cookie you could consider fortune cookies with romantic fortunes inside. Finally if you want a very personalized cookie you could get one which has the bride and groomspicture on it. 

Do you like the idea of edible wedding favors but you don’t want it to be too sweet? Well how about a little caffeine instead. One of the trends in edible favors is giving out coffee, tea or cocoa to the wedding guests. The coffee, teas or cocoas can be plain or a specialty flavor. They packages can be designed to include elements such as the bride and grooms picture, their names, wedding dates or other romantic themes can be on there such aswedding bells, hearts or lovebirds. 

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