DIY Wedding Favors

Ideas For Inexpensive Wedding Favors

Are you searching for ways to make DIY wedding favors? If you are about to get married and you're thinking of a way on how to cut down your expenses, with a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can create Do it yourselfwedding favors. Wedding Favors are one of the important details in your wedding that you shouldn't forget; because giving wedding favors is a way of thanking the guests who attended an important occasion in your life.


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More brides-to-be are making DIY wedding favors for their wedding. It shows off their personality and interest by preparing their own wedding favors. In addition, creating DIY wedding favors can save a lot of money that they can spend more on the most important things. And you have lots of DIY wedding favors to create from your favorite craft store; but before you think of something that will suit your wedding you have to consider the theme of your wedding and the time of the year. For example, handheld fans as wedding favor for a summer wedding and maple leaf candies for a fall wedding. 

A lot of weddings today use small bottles of bubbles as wedding favors. These bottles can be bought by bulk and you can decorate each of them with curling ribbon and personalized tag. 

Another DIY wedding favor idea is edible candies. All types of candies can be stacked up together then tied in loose-mesh tulle wrapped with ribbon and/or a charm to create a very presentable parcel. You can use candy coated almonds to signify a marriage's bittersweet commitments. Other tasty and stylish choices are foil-wrapped chocolates, heart-shaped candies, pastel mints, and orange (or peppermint) sticks. 

Tea bags and packet of chocolates can also be a nice wedding favor - they can be nice and elegant while qualifying as inexpensive wedding favors at the same time. Just tie it with a ribbon or put a tag to it. Another edible DIY wedding favor is homemade cookies wrapped or boxed up. 

You can also have homemade candles and soap as your wedding favor. You can mold it the way you want using a customized molder. For candle, you can tie a ribbon with a tag or a charm; and for your soap, you can put it in a box or wrap it and decorate it. 

Another very traditional DIY wedding favors are sachets, sew together two squares of tulle throughout three edges with narrow ribbon made of satin, pour some potpourri in then fasten up the top by sewing it; with long flowing ribbon bows are put up at the corners. These sachets can be tied anywhere as a decoration. You can add a stem of rosemary to your sachets as a design. 

Use pretty packaging to bring out the best in your DIY wedding favors without sacrificing too much money, an example of this is a creatively decorated box or tin can with clear plastic lids. They can be ordered in bulk in craft supply stores, and you can have lots of ideas on how to decorate them. 

You can show your personality and own style with your DIY wedding favors. And in doing these, you also prove to your guests that them attending your wedding means a lot to you. 

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