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Choose Fairytale Wedding Dresses For Your Big Day

They say there is a perfect wedding dress for everyone and with the addition of Disney wedding gowns to the fashion world I guess that is truer than ever. Disney wedding dresses are a line of wedding gowns through Disney designed by designer Kirstie Kelly. These gowns are designed based on specific princesses such as Cinderella, Belle, Ariel and more. This designer bridal line is meant to bring to the wedding world what all women are believed to want, to look and feel like a princess (even their favorite princess) on their wedding day. So what are you waiting for - Get a Disney wedding dress today! Maybe you would like wearing fairytale wedding dresses for your wedding day.


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I would say the line gets mixed reviews. Most people are at one end of the spectrum they either love it or hate it. Without viewing the dresses think about the concept. Disney wedding dresses are similair to fairy tale wedding dresses, picture a dress which makes you feel like the princess you have always wanted to be.

On one side you have the people who hate the idea. When people get married they are adults, making adult decisions like a lifetime commitment to another person. Buying from a line based on Disney Princesses may degrade the image of marriage and the seriousness of the relationship for some people. Those people would certainly not want a Disney wedding dress. Of course if you take away the word disney and just call these dresses fairytale wedding dresses, the same women may have a change of heart.

Of course there are many people who love this line and the whole idea behind it. Being a Disney Princess, or dressing like or looking as beautiful as one is what many people fantasize the wedding day will be about. Wearing fairytale wedding dresses is something that most women dream of. Most woman start fantasizing about walking down the aisle when they are a little girl, a time when princesses and castles rule our imagination. Of course it helps to picture ourselves not only as a beautiful princess on our wedding day, but also living the fairy tale of …happily ever after.

The styles of these dresses are also pretty different. Some of them are absolutely gorgeous where others are not as stunning. However you can say that about just about any collection of wedding and bridal wear. If you are interested in official Disney Wedding Dresses you should check out their website. Fairy tale wedding dresses can be described as the wedding dresses which look like ball gowns. They have a fuller style, something you certainly would not wear everyday. Of course, for your wedding, shopping for fairy tale wedding dresses may seem just right.

On the other hand, you may want to dress like a princess without buying official Disney wedding dresses. That is of course possible too. There are many gowns these days that make a woman look like a princess, it does not specifically have to molded after a fairytale. What is most important is that you like what you are wearing and how it makes you feel, not that a couture designer like Kirstie Kelly felt it looked exactly like Cinderella.

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