Creative Wedding Favors

Many brides and grooms are searching for creative wedding favors. They are looking for things they can give their guests that they have not received before. Almost all of your guests have received the typical wedding favors most couples give such as matchbooks and candles. So the choice is up to you - do you want to give out common wedding favors or unique wedding favors. 


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Of course it is your wedding, but I would vote for unique! If you are looking to be creative with the favors you give out the first thing you want to do is give out something that most other people are not giving out. One of the categories of favors that is gaining in popularity are practical wedding favors. These would be favors that your guests will actually put to use one day. Sometimes they are things they will use in everyday life whereas other times it will only be things they use several times a year. 

Regardless of how often, the point is that they can use these items, these very useful items that they got from you, instead of throwing them in a drawer to never be seen again. Some examples of these types of favors include ice cream scoopers, measuring spoons, wine stoppers, coasters, bottle openers, bookmarks and more. 

Some of the choices we choose for you include whimsical favors such as candles, but in more creative and unique designs. Others are wonderfully practical! Start shopping for creative wedding favors today!

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