Comfortable Bridal Shoes

On your wedding day, it is a must that you wear a pair of comfortable bridal shoes. No matter how beautiful and elegant the shoes are, it shouldn't be the sole basis of choosing your bridal shoes; you should first think of comfort because you will do a lot of walking, standing and dancing on your big day. 


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There are three factors that you should consider in choosing the perfect comfortable bridal shoes. Comfort should be the first along with beauty, and of course, your bridal shoes should match your wedding gown. 

If you've never worn high heels before, you should start wearing them before and not just on your wedding day; your feet will have a hard time when you're walking down the aisle and you haven't practiced walking on high heels. You might even tip when you attempt walking with them without trying them beforehand. Practice walking on a low heel first or wear ballerina slippers as a substitute. You can also consider buying shoe pads or gel; using these you can make comfortable bridal shoes for your big day. 

It is a good idea to Buy your wedding shoes at the same time you purchase your wedding dress. This is for you to know how well they are matched. You will be able to have your wedding dress hemmed by a tailor earlier if you need to have minor repairs on them to be coordinated better with your shoes. 

You can borrow from a friend good and presentable high heels or purchase inexpensive shoes when you're on a tight budget. People won't notice them most likely because you will be wearing a gown that is floor length. Of course if you decide to wear a short wedding dress or a tea length wedding gown, you will have to pay more attention to the shoes. This will save you money for other expenses. It will also enable you to buy a second pair of shoes for a comfortable dance at the reception, if you're not one of those brides who are completely comfortable with high heels. 

It is not imperative to wear high heeled shoes on your wedding day and there are a lot of comfortable bridal shoes that will definitely fit your preference. You can even wear flats which is very comfortable and even stylish. Shoes with low or wider heels can also be a good option if you're not comfortable with flats. If you're getting married at the beach. flip flops would be a perfect choice for you. And believe it or not, you can wear wedding tennis shoes or sneakers; these shoes are especially decorated with embellishments such as beads, ribbon, or lace. In purchasing your bridal shoes, bear in mind that you will wear it all day long and therefore it should be a comfortable bridal shoes. With a happy feet, you can smile and dance throughout your wedding day effortlessly.

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