Christmas Wedding Centerpieces

Season's Greetings! Are you looking for info on Christmas Wedding Centerpieces? Christmas is one of the greatest times of the year to celebrate not only everything the holiday encompasses, but also the love and happiness of a holiday wedding. The snow and the wintery weather brings the feelings of magic and beauty to the wedding itself. So here are some ideas to bring even more of this beautiful season and weather into your wedding with Christmas wedding centerpieces.


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Christmas Wedding Centerpieces - The Holiday Theme

It is a great idea to have each centerpiece match, compliment or conform to the themes of winter and Christmas. The most popular colors used in the Christmas motif are silver, white, red and green, and you can use any of these colors, or color combinations, to create perfect Christmas wedding centerpieces. One idea to add even more of this theme is to can add things such as snowflake crystals , poinsettia petals, holly or winter berries to whatever centerpieces you have in mind. You can use decorated vases, wrap holly or vines around the centerpieces or decorate the table itself. The options are endless.

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Christmas Wedding Centerpieces - The Head Table

Although you can decorate the head table in any way you see fit, white may be your best choice. It symbolizes the purity of the season, as well as it enhances the visual enticement of the reception. Of course you can add touches of color, by adding trims in silver, gold, red or green. You can further decorate the table with holly berries, garland, candles and fake snow.

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Christmas Wedding Centerpieces - The Wedding Cake

Of course, in every wedding there's always a cake (or cupcakes or some other delicious treat) but this time, the cake is not as ordainary as every other wedding cake out there - you can design this one to fit in perfectly with the Christmas Season. White cakes are considered to be the best canvass for this kind of cake. The white frosting can be used either as a canvas to add in other colors or to represent beautiful snow. Red, green and ice blue are perfect for Christmas Wedding Cakes. You can add Wintery accents such as snowflakes, ornaments, snowman and acorns - all perfect for the season

Christmas Wedding Centerpieces, Winter Wedding Centerpieces, Christmas Wedding Cake

More on Christmas Wedding Centerpieces

Here are a few more ideas on how to bring the season into your centerpieces and decorations:

  • A seasonal ice sculpture will be great addition as a centerpiece, or as a standalone piece. It glorifies the reception as well, making a grand statement.

  • Poinsettia petals/flowers are also a good centerpiece decoration, but it varies upon which place it is used. You can use as the main table centerpieces or on other tables and areas which are lacking decorations. For instance you could have two small tables flanking the entrance with a poinsettia on each, or you could use them on the cake table, dessert table, near the buffet or appetizer table, on one end of the bar or at the gift table.

  • Mistletoe is good if it is in the cake's design. Example, the two wedding statues in the cake (the bride and groom) kisses under the mistletoe. You could also choose another place in the reception site to hang mistletoe as well, to add a bit of romanticism to the whole event.

  • You can never go wrong with snowmen and snowflakes. They are simply beautiful. You can add these elements to Christmas wedding centerpieces, or you can use snowflake decorations on the favor boxes, stationery, or napkins.
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