Cheap Wedding Decorations

Are You Looking For Wedding Decorations on a Budget?

Many brides and grooms are looking for cheap wedding decorations. Decorating for your wedding does not have to be expensive. In fact, being thoughtful, creative, and collaborative can make decorating both fun and cheap. Keep on reading for ideas for wedding decorations on a budget.


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Be Thoughtful

Here are some tips for cheap wedding decorations. When you are looking for wedding decorations on a budget you need to be thoughtful. One way to reduce expenses is to plan colors and themes well, and another is to plan ahead. Choose colors and themes that are popular and are readily found together, perhaps for other occasions. Consider items that might be bought in bulk, or items that might display especially easily and well - such as umbrellas, for example.

When looking for wedding decorations on a budget you should pay attention to the time of year it is when you are shopping for your cheap wedding decorations. Think about holidays, and watch for the huge markdowns when they are over. For instance, glass Christmas balls look beautiful in a large class bowl and they can often be found in all sorts of colors. Pastels abound at Easter time, and at Halloween there are both orange and black decorations that are not too ghoulish.

Look for lots of green, rainbows, and shamrocks after St. Patrick's Day, and Hanukkah decorations are typically blue and white or blue and silver. Even candies, such as M and M's, wrapped Hershey's Kisses, jelly beans and mints can be beautifully displayed, and all can be found marked way down after various holidays.

Be Creative

When looking for wedding decorations on a budget you should be creative. Looking for more ideas for cheap wedding decorations? What is there that can be meaningful, sweet, colorful or celebratory without being expensive? Some "raw materials" are photos, balloons, yards of fabric, ribbon, seashells, and paper of all sizes and shapes. Photos can be framed, made into collages or posters, displayed in wire clips, or copied onto place cards. Balloons can be wired into an arch, filled with helium and tied to chairs, or tied in clusters at the corners of the dance floor. Or use a few large Mylar balloons to suit a theme.

There are many different ways you can use your own creativity to create a great atmosphere while looking for wedding decorations on a budget. Lightweight toile or nylon mesh can be fashioned into big ribbons or drapes, while heavier fabrics can be used for large banners; these may also be made by using paint on rip-stop nylon. Look for tapestry with great designs and simply hem both ends with room to run a dowel through for hanging. Make grand bows from ribbon, and use seashells or other natural items in clear containers for centerpieces. As for paper, there is no end to possibilities, from making banners with wedding wrapping paper to folding Origami peace cranes to make hanging mobiles. Third, be collaborative. In other words, get your friends and family to help you.

If you want a few hundred small bottles of wine or candy bars wrapped with your home-printed label, get an assembly line together. If you want dozens of paper flowers or jars filled with jelly beans, don't do it yourself. Are you going to wrap loads of medium sized boxes in wedding paper and hot-glue them together for centerpieces? You need help! Look for help, too, with various craft projects: Try colored string dipped in glue and water, wrapped around balloons that are popped when the string dries. Try old-fashioned paper chains, or use fabric paint to personalize small children's tee shirts worn by teddy bears with the couple's names and the wedding date. Don't even rely on yourself alone for ideas and shopping: create idea and price challenges, and make teamwork part of the joy of preparing for the wedding.

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