Ceremony Wedding Music

Wedding processional Music

It's time to decide what your ceremony wedding music is going to be. Wedding processional music is a very important part of the ceremony. You need to choose just the right song to make that moment special. Read on to find some tips on how to make that important choice for your big day. 


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Ceremony Wedding Music: Traditional Music

There are those that will choose the classical wedding processional music. "Here Comes the Bride" by Wagner is by far the most common choice for the bride's entrance. However, there are other classical pieces that can be used to make the moment a tender one. Some of these songs include: "The Prince of Denmark's March", "Canon in D", "Wedding March" and more. These songs set the stage for a serious yet romantic moment where the bride passes from the arm of her father or guardian into the hands of her husband. 

Ceremony Wedding Music: Modern Tunes

Other people opt for modern wedding processional music. Songs like "Come Away With Me" or "What a Wonderful World" are just some of the more modern tunes couples may choose when deciding what to play during the bride's march down the aisle. It is also a great choice for those couples who have a special song that makes them remember how they met, or the day the got engaged or any other special event in their past. Other modern tunes that are popular choices include: "At Last", "Come What May" and "Can't Help Falling In love". 

Couples can also choose modern day songs that are out of the ordinary. It is not strange to find a couple of rock fans getting married to the sounds of Aerosmith, Bon Jovi or even Iron Maiden. Everyone has the right to choose such an important song for one of the most important days of your life. 

Ceremony Wedding Music: Band or Record?

Another important thing to think about when considering wedding processional music is if you wish to have it played by a band, a choir or a recorded album. Having a live band can make things more interesting especially if they play the couple's song. It can also be extremely romantic to have the wedding march be played by a string quartet. On the other hand, the couple's song can be better played on a DVD by the original artist to help bring the memories and emotions alive. 

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