Catholic Wedding Ceremony Music Guide

Choosing a Catholic Wedding Ceremony Music is most often, taken for granted but do you know that the most important part of the Wedding is the mass? Although others usually hire strings, I usually recommend a wedding singer or a choir during the mass. The song in the mass sets the mood of the people. 


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Whether you are having a Catholic Destination Wedding or you are getting married at your local church, it is important to understand the specifics of catholic wedding ceremony music. Before you start planning for the Catholic Wedding Ceremony Music it is better to consult the parish priest. There are churches that are conservative and are very strict with regards to your choice of songs to make sure that they are appropriate forthe mass. As a member of a choir, I had attended different weddings of different types and realized that there are churches that allow background music during the exchange of vows while others strictly does not allow it. You should also clarify to the church if you can hire in-house choir or bring a choir of your own. Sometimes there are issues on this so you better clarify it to avoid any disappointments later. 

The Bridal March is no longer a popular choice in Catholic Wedding Ceremony Music. Usually, the couple uses their theme song when the bride enters the church. Singing the Entrance hymn depends on the church but is usually omitted and proceeds to the actual ceremony. The Nuptial Mass includes the Liturgy of the Word. This is the part where verses from the Bible are read. The Responsorial Psalms, Alleluias can be sung but often recited to make the ceremony shorter. 

The Wedding Rite starts after the Liturgy of the word. The blessings of the rings as well as the exchange of vows are included in this part. Make sure that you clarify whether you can play the background music here. Make sure that the choir sets a different mood during the offertory. From the high spirited exchange of vows, the mood should be set in the reception of the Holy Eucharist. In all Catholic Wedding Ceremony, the offertory and the communion song must be aligned with the gospel. In most weddings, The Lord's Prayer by Malotte is a popular choice. In Catholic Tradition, The Lord's Prayer is a community prayer and you should encourage the people to sing. 

Finally, the Nuptial and the Final Blessings is the last part of the ceremony. When the priest announced that the mass has ended, it is the go signal for the choir to sing secular songs. Usually, the songs played have sentimental value to the couple. Catholic Wedding Ceremony Music should not be taken for granted. Always consult the church and the priest about it. Catholic Wedding Ceremony Music inspires the couple to travel together, though they came from different roads. 

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