Bulk Wedding Favors

Many couples buy bulk wedding favors. This is truly the best option financially. Buying wedding favors in bulk allows you to purchase a lot of favors for a much cheaper dollar amount. Now what kind of favors are best to buy in this way?


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Well food items are a great gift for your guests. You can buy a lot at once and separate them in a number of ways. One of the most popular types of bulk wedding favors is the edible kind. Edible favors are nice because you can either make them as the main favor for your guests or one which is secondary. You can just give your guests something like Jordan almond bags or individually wrapped truffles or you can create a centerpiece filled with chocolate pieces or Hershey kisses and still give out a memento which will last longer than the evening.

If you are buying wedding favors in bulk and you don’t mind DIY wedding favors you can buy the food in bulk and the food containers in bulk. You can buy individual favor boxes or favor bags. The containers which you can put the favors also come from very basic see through plastic bags to colored bags, bags with ribbons, basic favor boxes or even monogrammed. The choices are endless for DIY brides.

If you are only buying edible favors for the centerpieces at the reception table or you do not want edible favors at all, almost everything you would want could be labeled as bulk wedding favors. When you start your shopping you will see that it is always cheaper to buy more. Most places you buy from the price for each favor goes down the more you buy. So what kind of favors can you give your wedding guests?

You can give your guests lots of different things. You can buy more common gifts like soaps, candles, and matchbooks, or you can look for more practical favors. Practical gifts are becoming more and more popular as it allows your guests to not only take home a memento, but something they are likely to use as well. Some of the practical bulk wedding favors you may find include playing cards, bookmarks, calculators, mini notebooks, pens, highlighters, shot glasses, candy jars and dishes, wine stoppers, magnets and more.

Bulk wedding favors are out there, it all depends on what you are personally looking for. Buying wedding favors in bulk is practical, especially considering the price of weddings today. You want to be able to give back to your guests while you are still being financially savvy.

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