Your Bridal Shoes: A Shopping Guide

Choosing Dyable Bridal Shoes

Buying bridal shoes, shoes to wear with the dress, is just as important as all of your other purchases made along the way. There are really two schools of thought on when to buy the shoes: before buying the dress or after buying the dress.


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Some people will say that the bridal shoes are essential and they need to be bought before buying the wedding gown. If you do not buy the shoes beforehand how will you be able to measure the length of the gown without your dyable bridal shoes on? Other people suggest that you need to match the color and perhaps the style of your shoes to your dress and therefore you need to buy the dress first. After all the dress is the more important purchase isn’t it? Most people will remember the dress, not to mention that it will be highlighted in the pictures, but how many people will remember the shoes? 

If you do choose to match the bridal shoes to the dress and not the other way around it should not be too difficult. White satin, which is what a lot of wedding shoes are made out of, is dyeable. Dyeable shoes can be dyed to match your dress perfectly. Perhaps you will not even need to worry about dying the bridal shoes as white wedding shoes are the most popular choice for brides today. Of course the reasoning is pretty obvious, most women opt for a white or off-white bridal gown and white shoes are the perfect complement to the gown.

Now what kind of bridal shoes do you need? Wedding shoes are far, trickier to shop for then other shoes. You need to remember that these will be worn for your wedding and reception as well as everything in between, including posing for pictures in places that may demand a level of comfort in your feet. Stilettos may not appropriate as you may become uncomfortable during the event. However, sandals may also have the same reasoning behind them, or perhaps they are not fancy enough for the occasion. Remember to consider your comfort level, how you want to look, and the type of wedding you are having (there is a difference between a beach wedding and a fairytale occasion with a ball gown and a wedding party of 24) and balance all of those variables to decide the shoe which is right for you. 

When planning a wedding time is certainly a concern. There are so many things that need to get done in such a short period. If you are planning on shopping for shoes online, or even just window browsing, I recommend that you take the time to stop by a specialty shoe store to have your feet measured to be sure of your correct size. Hey while you are there you can buy some shoes! You can never have enough shoes and you should treat yourself often during the planning stage, a lot of work is involved. 

Finally, as I touched upon before, your comfort level is very important during the wedding and reception. With this in mind be sure to buy comfortable wedding shoes. Not only will you be on your feet most of the time, remember that the gown can also be hard to manage at times. It is a good idea to break in the bridal shoes (indoors only) for a few weeks before the wedding. When walking around your house wear them, walk like you normally do, walk up and down stairs and practice just standing in them. There will be a lot of standing. 

Do not forget to have fun shopping. This is yet another part of your wedding day and many people save everything they can from that special occasion, including there shoes. I know I did, mine are in my closet, a daily reminder of a perfect day. 

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