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The basic bridal headpieces that are usually worn is either wedding veil or a tiara. Do you know which bridal veils and headpieces you are using? Most brides have a general idea of how they want to look on their special day. However, sometimes you need to think about it a little to decide. 

Wearing A Veil

Most brides choose to wear a wedding veil simply because of how it looks and perhaps because that is how they have always envisioned themselves on their wedding day. However, traditional wedding veils have been used to symbolize cultural and spiritual beliefs. 

Today veils come in all shapes, lengths and styles, allowing the bride to choose one to best accentuate their dress. Wedding veils are visually appearing allowing a bride to fell like a princess on her special day. 

Choosing A Tiara

Tiaras are a great choice of bridal headpieces as they have been used to reaffirm the dignity and beauty of women for thousands of years. Many people think tiaras are a new fashion statement in weddings, allowing woman to act as royalty, however that is not the case. Originally they were for royalty, they are also called diadems and royalty did wear them. However, these days’ tiaras do not signify royalty literally but tend to signify sophistication, glamour and hope, characteristics that everyone can use on their wedding day. 

Pairing The Two - Using Bridal Veils and Headpieces Together

If a wedding veil is nice and so is a tiara and both help beautify the look, wouldn’t incorporating the two be twice as nice? Wedding veils and tiaras worn together look twice as nice if done right, but if you do decide to use both at the same time it is a good idea to try several combinations on to see how they look with your wedding gown on preferably. 

Whichever bridal veils and headpieces you choose (or a combination of both) try to remember to match it with the rest of the outfit. Many brides will fall in love with a few different pieces and do not remember to make sure they all look good together. The headpiece, the dress, the shoes and the jewelry should look as perfectly matched as possible. 

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