Blue Diamond Bracelet

The Blue diamond bracelet is one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry one can have. It could be given as a special gift to someone you love and will be cherished for the rest of your life, your future bride. The blue diamond is very rare just like your beloved one. 


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Blue diamonds need not to be blue in color, it actually have a blue hue when being refracted. The fire reflected in blue diamonds surpasses the fire reproduced by an ordinary diamond that's why it's more expensive than clear diamonds. 

The Blue diamond bracelet, just like any other jewelry with diamonds, will have to undergo examination to check whether it passes the 4 C's. The cut should be equal in every sides, not so deep but not too shallow; it is important to have a good cut so the light would be reflected and refracted. Clarity should also be observed when purchasing your blue diamond bracelet; it should be free from impurities and chips. As mentioned above, the color should have a blue hue to differentiate it from clear diamond. The carat size will depend on your preferences, the higher the carat of the diamond, the more expensive it is. 

When buying your blue diamond bracelet, consider the shape and metal to be used. Popular shapes like round, marquise, princess, oval, emerald, and pear would be great. You can use platinum, white gold, yellow gold and even silver to be the base metal of the bracelet. It is advisable to use platinum to hold the diamonds because it is the most durable metal for jewelry and it gives more brilliance to the stone; but platinum is also very expensive. White gold and yellow gold would be a good choice to if you have limited budget. Though silver is also a good metal for jewelries, it is not advisable to use in holding diamonds because it don't have enough strength to carry such valuable stone. 

And because blue diamonds are not common to be seen in any local jewelry store, you may have a hard time looking for it. A great way to find the blue diamond bracelet is to browse the internet. This is one of the advantages of shopping online, exclusive and unique items can be found easily online and you'll also be saving a lot of time and money by online shopping. 

The Blue diamond bracelet is really an expensive investment that is why it should only be given to the most special person in your life. Just be careful in purchasing this extraordinary jewelry, make sure that the papers are legitimate and it passed the 4 C's. 

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