15 Autumn Wedding Reception Ideas For The Ultimate Fall Wedding

Find ideas and get inspired to plan the perfect fall wedding reception.

Are you searching for easy autumn wedding reception ideas? A popular trend among brides today is to weave references to the season they are marrying into their weddings. This is especially true for brides marrying outside of the summer season. Many couples choose to have a theme based on the season. With the fall, you have a beautiful season to start with, which can quickly transfer over to one gorgeous wedding.


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Autumn Wedding Reception Ideas Inspiration Board

Autumn Wedding Reception Ideas – The Location

You might want to consider the location you are having your reception at. Many different sites can offer a fall theme to your after-wedding party. You can look for a rustic location, as autumn can feel that way for many. You can inquire about the seasonal decorations and touches a specific venue has to offer.

Of course, you can just choose to have a reception at specific types of places. Some excellent fall wedding reception locations include a park, a cabin, a farmhouse or barn, a ranch, a vineyard, a winery, or a ski and mountain resort.

Barn Wedding ReceptionBarn Wedding Reception

Autumn Wedding Reception Ideas - Wedding Stationery

If you are serious about obtaining autumn wedding reception ideas, you should keep the season and colors in mind when choosing your wedding stationery. There are so many different types of wedding stationery products that you may use for your wedding. Of course, you will buy wedding invitations. Still, you may also need engagement announcements, engagement party invitations, bridal party invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, thank you notes, or marriage announcements.

The good news is that there are many different fall theme-related stationery out there for you to choose from. If you decide to start your wedding theme early, you can highlight the autumn season from the time your guests get their first formal announcement or invitation.

Autumn Wedding Reception Ideas - Fall Wedding Colors

When coming up with autumn wedding reception ideas, one of the first things you might want is to decide on the colors you will use. The most popular autumn colors include yellow, orange, red, and brown. More specific autumn colors that are popular for weddings include burgundy, deep purple, mustard yellow, burnt orange, emerald green, rose, merlot, rust, terra cotta, buttercup yellow, eggplant, plum, marigold, and navy blue. Of course, you can also use other colors, but these colors remind people of fall days, falling leaves, and the immense beauty of the season.

Autumn Wedding Reception Ideas - Autumn Wedding Flowers

So how do you find the perfect autumn wedding flowers? One method is to choose wedding flowers that match the colors of your wedding. So if you choose colors such as yellow, orange, and red, you can easily match your wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and arrangements to those colors. Certain flowers, such as roses, come in many colors or are easily dyed to match your specific wedding colors.

Autumn Wedding Flowers Inspiration BoardAutumn Wedding Flowers Inspiration Board

Of course, you might also choose to use flowers available specifically in the fall. Using flowers of the season is a great way to highlight the beauty of autumn in your reception and ceremony. Some great choices for autumn wedding flowers include lilies, heather, cosmos, mini calla lilies, aster, yarrow, lavender, and marigold.

Autumn Wedding Reception Ideas - The Wedding Cake

When you are thinking of autumn wedding reception ideas, it is a great idea to make the wedding cake more season appropriate. There are several ways you can do this. One way would be to match the frosting color to your other wedding colors. You could also add leaves or fall wedding flowers to the cake. Suppose you want just a touch of the season. In that case, you can focus your special decorating touches on the cake, such as cake jewelry, a cake topper, or decorating the table itself.

Naked Fall Wedding Cake With Brown LeavesNaked Fall Wedding Cake With Brown Leaves

Autumn Wedding Reception Ideas - Wedding Favors

Finally, our last autumn wedding reception ideas - if you want your guests to truly remember all the details of your autumn wedding, it is a great idea to give away fall-themed wedding favors.

Fall favors could be many things, but most are either decorated in fall themes (such as pumpkins or falling leaves), or they have a fall taste (such as apple cider, pumpkin cookies, or pumpkin spiced cappuccino mix). Have fun choosing these favors!

Autumn Wedding Reception Ideas – The Decorations

There are so many different ways to bring fall into your wedding reception. Here are 9 wedding decoration ideas for a fall wedding.

Use Pumpkins. There are big and small ways that pumpkins can be used in your reception. For a soft touch, place them on either side of the doors of your reception site or on any staircases, indoors or outdoors. Use them in your reception if you want to make the pumpkin the center of your day. Have big and small pumpkins for an artistic centerpiece on a prominent table like the cake or welcome table. You can use pumpkins as candle holders or elaborate vases. Use your imagination to bring pumpkins into your fall reception.

Fall In Love Wedding Inspiration BoardFall In Love Wedding Inspiration Board

Use Apples. Apples are another common food item of the season. You can serve apple treats or use them as decoration. There can be a bowl of apples near a drink station, or you can use apples to frame a bucket holding drinks like beers or soda – this is especially a great idea for a rustic backyard or country wedding.

Fall Foliage. When people think of fall, they tend to think of the cooler months of the year and the beauty they bring. Use the foliage in bouquets, vases, or even as a hanging decoration to bring the season to your wedding reception.

Leather Accents. Dark brown leather reminds people of the richness of the season. Use leather accents throughout your reception site for a small pop of rich brown to tone down the other bright colors.

Fall Dessert and Beverage Bar. Don't just bring the season's colors to your wedding; let your guests experience the season's flavors. For desserts and drinks, this can include apple, pumpkin, sweet potato, yams, cranberries, mulled wine, rum, and bourbon. You can do so many different things between drinks, loaves of bread, pies, muffins, and cakes that your guests will wish every wedding they go to in the future is an autumn wedding.

Plaid and Tweed. Plaid and Tweed can be used as small accents throughout the reception or even on the wedding party. There is something so autumn and comforting about these styles – they will look right at home at your wedding.

Fall Wedding Table Ideas Inspiration BoardFall Wedding Table Ideas Inspiration Board

Use Dark Colors Everywhere. If you want to embrace the season, you do not need to stop with the flowers and decorations. Most weddings use white plates, white linens, and silver flatware, but there is no rule that you have to. Replace your white linen and plates with dark, rich colors like deep purple, forest green, or black. Use Gold or bronze silverware and metallic tinted glasses.

Use Soft Colors. Dark colors are not for everyone, and they can be overdone. If you like using more soothing colors, you can still have an autumn look and feel; it will just be more modern. For instance, choose a soft blue for plates and napkins and decorate the table with large bouquets with white and light yellow flowers. Add a few soft pinks and several dark green, brown, and almost black accents. This will tie in all the different colors but still make the table have a fall look.

Use Branches and Leaves. We already discussed fall foliage; leaves and seasonal flowers are the first things many people think of. However, do not skip the branches. Branches can bring a rustic or wild natural look that can tie together your entire theme.

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