Announcing Your Engagement – 5+ Ways To Tell Everyone The Big News

Get ideas on how to announce your upcoming wedding!

Announcing your engagement is an essential step in planning your wedding. Do you need ideas on how to announce your engagement? There are many different ways that you can announce your engagement. You may only choose one or choose many different methods. You should start by letting the people closest to you know first, from you, preferably in person. After you tell the most important people in your life, you will have to move on to telling everyone else. 


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Announcing Your Engagement Inspiration Board

Announcing Your Engagement - Having an Engagement Party

One simple method is announcing your engagement at a party. This way, you can announce it to numerous people at once! You get to send invitations, which will help you get into the wedding planning mood!

Make sure that there is no one at the party who you are not going to invite to the wedding. Also, make sure it is not a party for someone else, something that you would upstage by announcing your engagement. You should only announce it at YOUR OWN party! Do not announce when at someone else's graduation or birthday party. A party like that is for that person, and you should not divert the attention to yourself.

Announcing Your Engagement - Using a Newspaper Announcement

Another common way to announce your engagement is submitting an announcement to your local newspaper. To start, you will need to contact the paper and see their requirements. They may have specific requirements in wording, timelines for publication, and photo requirements such as the photo size, quality, and color (it may be required to be in black and white). 

Beautiful yellow and blue wedding table

If your newspaper has more general requirements, you should include pertinent information such as the upcoming bride and groom's name, education, career, and parents' names. If the parents or the bride and groom are from a different area, the hometown may also be included. Since an engagement announcement occurs soon after the engagement, it is unnecessary to have the wedding date.

This is an old-school (or traditional) way to announce your engagement. This is especially true as, for most people, buying or subscribing to a print newspaper is something they do not do anymore. However, the actual announcement and the newspaper will make a fabulous keepsake.

Announcing Your Engagement - Using Traditional Engagement Announcements

A more traditional way to announce the engagement is through announcements sent through the mail. Sending announcements is a nice touch, and some people want to do everything they can when planning a wedding. If formal engagement announcements are used, there are some things to remember. For instance, this is an added expense, so if your budget is tight, you may choose to announce your engagement differently. 

Also, sending formal announcements pretty much forces you to have a completed wedding invitation list at an early stage. Everyone who will be invited to the wedding should be sent an announcement. Suppose they are not but are later invited to the wedding. In that case, they may feel slighted, wondering why they did not get an announcement in the beginning and if their wedding invitation is an afterthought.

Outdoor Pink and White Engagement Party

Announcing your engagement does not have to be a traditional, boring activity. Are you looking for some fun ways to announce your engagement? There are some more cutting-edge ways to announce your engagement. You can sign up with a wedding site service that lets you announce your engagement on the web and then send the link in an email to your guests. 

Announcing Your Engagement- a Wedding Website

You can also do it yourself; making a website in today's society is not difficult; many different providers offer free or cheap websites with simple building tools where you just need to be able to do computer basics such as typing or attaching photos. You can use your site to inform people of the initial engagement and keep them up to date throughout the wedding planning process.

eWedding Free Wedding Websites

Announcing Your Engagement - Social Media and The Internet

Go Modern. Not really into any of the traditional methods? Do something a little more modern. Write a blog post and send the link to everyone you love! Or post on social media. Post the announcement on all your social media accounts simultaneously so anyone who only follows you on one social media account will see the same thing as someone who follows you on all of them. You can do something simple or cute; it is all up to you!

You could simply change your status from in a relationship to engaged. You could send out a tweet with hashtags like #engaged #fiance #bridetobe #futuremrs.

Gorgeous White and Cream Engagement Party

You could have a fun photo shoot and post the pics. It could be as simple as a loving or romantic photo of the two of you together with the caption of your engagement. Or you could be cute and creative. Take a picture of the ring. Get props like mugs or T-shirts that say things as He asked – I said yes. Wife, husband. Fiance. There are so many ways to do it. If you have children, humans, or the furbaby variety, you can also use them in the photos!

Announcing Your Engagement - Choose Whatever Makes You Happy

So what makes you happy? Is it your relationship, your engagement, and your future marriage? Do what makes you happy! Don't let others pressure you into announcing your engagement in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Announcing your engagement is one of the first steps of wedding planning. There are undoubtedly many ways to do this, and you may even choose several, but remember that it is your choice when you tell your friends and family. You do not have to announce anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or is not financially possible.

Bride with Beautiful Pink and Green Bouquet

For instance, do not let people pressure you into having an engagement party if you are not ready to be the center of attention. If you don't have the money for beautiful but ultra-expensive formal engagement announcements, don't send them. You can always find another way to tell those you love about your upcoming wedding. Getting engaged is a wonderful time, just do not forget to find a fabulous (or many fabulous) ways to tell everyone!

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