Wedding Photography Tips

There are so many wedding photography tips out there. This is not really surprising. Think about it, there are so many things you need to consider when choosing a wedding photographer. You need to make sure you find a photographer whose personal style matches your own. If you do not the pictures may not be what you imagined or thought you were paying for. Speaking of paying for you need to choose someone to photograph yourwedding that you can truly afford. Wedding photography is by no means cheap. 

Wedding Photography Tips

1.) The Shot List

Make sure you create a shot list. A shot list is a list of all the shots that must be taken. Confirm with yourphotographer that every shot the want will be taken. Your photographer will most likely have their own shot list. Make sure you are fine with those shots. Wedding photography tips are important but the most important tip anyone can give you about your wedding day is to follow your own intuition. If there is something on your photographers pose list that you do not like - tell them, you are contracting them to photograph your wedding. Make sure they don’t do anything you do not like. 

2.) Photography Style

Decide the photography style you want your pictures taken in and make sure that your wedding photographer is up to the task. Decide how you want your pictures to look beforehand. Do you want your wedding album to be dominated by full body shots or close ups? Would you like an even division of both? Let your photographer know. Do you want a lot of traditional posed photos or do you prefer the more candid approach. Most likely you would want a mix of both but if you don’t let them know. If you want a mix but you still want it heavily tilted one way or the other your photography team needs to know so you can get the photo album you want. 

3.) Digital Photographs

Many Photographers are shooting in digital these days. If you want to see all the pictures and not the ones that your photographer thought were the best instruct them not to erase any photos until you get to preview the album at a later date (not on the day of your event). It is possible that if you do not the photographer could delete shots he or she thought were not perfect but they might provide the most insight into your wedding day or mean something to you that they could never know. Also if you do go digital make sure to get the digital rights to your photos. With the rights you can do things like share them online on a personal website or on a social bookmarking site, without them that would be copyright infringement. 

4.) Choosing Your Photographer

When meeting with potential candidates you should make sure all the above is taking care of. You should also get references; see other wedding albums they have done. Look into the contract and find out what is covered. Is there a photo amount limit or a standard number they take? When will they take photos? Will they cover the entire reception or do they leave at a certain time? Do they take photos before you walk down the aisle such as during the time the bride and groom get ready? Ask all the questions up front so there will be no surprises later. 

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