Wedding Lingerie

Wedding Day and Wedding Night Lingerie

When shopping for wedding lingerie you may need to buy for two different functions, one to wear underneath the gown during the day and one to put on once the gown comes off - the wedding night lingerie. Of course you could choose to use the same lingerie for both, but can newlyweds ever have too much lingerie? 

Wedding Lingerie is as important as a wedding dress, in fact your husband may argue it is even the more important! It is the foundation for your dress and will help the dress look best on your day. Unfortunately forgetting to find the perfect piece of wedding lingerie that goes on underneath the dress is easy to do. Don't let this happen to you. 

Sexy corset lingerie is a great choice for your bridal or wedding lingerie. The corset looks great underneath the dress; it is rather comfortable to wear as long as it is the correct size. Bridal corsets are a perfect choice, especially with strapless dresses; because this bridal lingerie piece makes certain that you stand and sit up straight, gives great back support, and insures that the bodice of your dress will not become wrinkled throughout the evening. The corset helps you look better to your husband, your guests and in the countless pictures that will be taken. 

Bridal lingerie also includes things like strapless bras, seamless thongs, shapewear and hosiery. Do not forget that you will need a garter belt for the reception. 

When you are trying on lingerie, you want garments that will flatter your figure and fit your curves perfectly. I suggest that you get measured before shopping to get a true size which will ensure the lingerie you choose looks perfect on your body. Some brides they plan their whole lives for their wedding day so you know they want their wedding night to be perfect. 

Take your time to pick out that special wedding lingerie and you will be really glad you did come your wedding night. Focus on getting wedding night lingerie which is stylish, fun and sensual, something that will make you feel as luxurious as the delicious material it is made of. 

If you do splurge on extra lingerie go for sexy, playful lingerie in shades of white. The white portrays the innocence of the wedding night, you may not be virginal but you can pretend. However, make sure it is sexy and it makes you feel that way. The wedding night is a night to remember, one which you will want to look back at fondly. Capture all the joy you can and have fun, celebrate the day with the only other person who matters, you husband. 

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