Wedding Car Decorations

Precautionary Measure to Consider in Choosing Wedding Vehicle Decorations

Are you looking for wedding car decorations ideas? In any occasion transportation is important. Thus, wedding preparations involves cars and traditionally, the best man is in-charge of the Wedding Vehicle Decorations. Wedding cars also needs some designing and spicing up for the wedding theme. 

Wedding Car Decoration is not just about the "JUST MARRIED" thing. It involves customs and traditions with countless meaningful symbols. The couple sometimes takes this job so as align in to the wedding theme. A word of caution for those who are planning for the wedding car decoration, since it will be the mode of transportation of the couple, too much design can destruct other drivers. Avoid using decorations that may also damage the car. 

The most distinct wedding car decoration is the announcement that you have just tied the knot. Using show polish and permanent markers are not good for the car. Instead, use a liquid chalk. It is easier to remove than shoe polish and permanent markers. Cars are essential to complete the wedding. Wedding cars can also set the mood. Depending on the wedding theme, cars can be as stylish as the vintage ones or classic and luxurious. 

Weddings come not to all so announcing their names together with the "just married streamers" is a good idea. Decorate it with simple flowers so as not to distract the driver of the car as well as other drivers. Ribbons of at least 2 inches wide must be used to decorate the car. Using thinner ribbons are not noticeable. 

Having balloons as decorations can also be good, although it can also be distracting when the balloon pops especially if you are travelling under the heat of the sun. If you want to create some noise, ties some empty beer cans on the bumper. Use strong and durable ropes to hold the beer cans. 

As a caution, you must not put too much decoration on the car windows at the back as it obstructs the rear view of the driver. Putting Confetti, glitters and other stuffs in the car interior for the decorations is good. Getting rid of these decorations after the wedding, however, it can take weeks. 

Weddings are a special day for couples. It is the day that will be remembered for their whole life. Wedding Vehicle Decoration is good but should consider some precautionary measures. It may be pleasing to the eyes but should be accident free as it carries the most precious passenger. 

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