Spring Wedding Favors

Giving out spring wedding favors is a nice gesture if your wedding is in the springtime. Spring is a wonderful time to plan a wedding. Springtime is so beautiful. It is the time of the year when the winter is finally over and all the plants, greenery and flowers begin to bloom and come back to life. Many couples choose springtime for their weddings for these reasons, the sheer beauty if the season convinces many brides that this is the time to commit to their fiancé for life. Many couples who choose to wed in the spring choose favors which exhibit the beauty of the season as well as the beauty of the commitment they are participating in. 

One of the most obvious choices for a spring wedding favor is either flowers or plants. In this season there are so many different kinds of fresh plants and flowers in season which could be used as favors. You can choose these favors based on color, meaning or fragrance. Many couples decide to give fresh cut flowers as a token of their appreciation to their guests. You could either give asingle flower or a bouquet. This is a great choice if you want to give an eco-friendly favor. If you want to stick to the nature theme but want to give something that will last a little longer there are a few choices that you can make. You could give a plant instead of fresh cut flowers or you could give packets of seeds for fruits, vegetables and flowers so your guests can plant them in their own gardens or start a garden if they do not already have one. 

Flowers and plants are great, but they are not for everyone. If you are looking to give something a little bit sturdier there are certainly other choices of spring wedding favors. You can get favors in the designs of popular spring time objects such as flowers, butterflies, bees, raincoats, rain boots, or umbrellas. You can locate favors which are cute and carry the springtime theme and which can also be personalized with wedding colors or you names and date of wedding.

Would you like to stick to the spring wedding favor theme but want to give a bigger favor? How about an actual umbrella? Springtime is known to be rainy in many areas and the umbrella would tie into spring and give your guests something practical to use after the wedding. This is again something you can choose to personalize by having the umbrellas made with your names and dates or wedding like images such as hearts. If you want to make sure the umbrella is useful for everyone though, you may want to stick to solid colors; of course they can be the colors of your wedding. Using an object like the umbrella as a favor will be a nice touch as your guests will think of you for years to come whenever they use it or see it in their home

One last simple idea is candy. Candy is popular for all wedding favors. Springtime can be very colorful with many vibrant colors present as all the flowers bloom. With the colors of the season and the wedding you can offer hard candy as you can get hard candy in a variety of colors. If you don’t want to use hard candy you can use jellybeans or after dinner mints. Even though candy will not last as a lifetime memento of your wedding, it will be a favor that your guests can immediately enjoy and appreciate. 

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