Snowflake Wedding Favors

Snowflake Wedding Favors are becoming more and more popular especially since more brides are choosing to wed in the winter these days. Brides who get married in the winter sometimes choose winter wedding favors in order to highlight the season. Snowflakes are perhaps the most beautiful thing about the winter. 

They are pretty and special; we are told each one is unique. Even if we do not enjoy driving in the snow, there is something special about looking out your window and seeing the each individual snowflake drift slowly to the ground. Now we go back to the gorgeous winter bride. When it is time to choose the gifts for her guests is it really surprising that she would choose snowflake wedding favors

If you are getting married in the winter and have decided to have a theme wedding snowflakes is a great theme to centralize the whole event around or perhaps even a wedding winter wonderland theme. When having a themed wedding you might want to decorate the ceremony and reception sites to reflect the theme as well as using other things to bring out the theme like the invitations you choose, the jewelry you or your bridesmaids wear or the favors and gifts you give away. Snowflake wedding favors can be a nice addition to a winter themed wedding or just a non themed wedding which occurs in the colder months. 

Since snowflakes are rather popular there are many different types of favors that you can buy which feature them proximately. For instance you can buy snowflake wedding favors of coasters, Christmas ornaments, key chains, bookmarks and even wine stoppers. There are many possibilities. 

If you are looking to create a centerpiece of edible treats for your guests to enjoy during the ceremony you could fill the centerpiece with personalized snowflake Hershey kisses and surround them with other chocolate treats or put mints with the chocolate, wintergreen flavor would certainly be appropriate. If you would rather give individual edible favors you could give mint boxes with winter wedding themes on the outside. 

If you are looking for something a little more practical and long lasting, one of my favorite items is coasters.Coasters are nice because almost everyone uses them every day and they can be very nice. Look for ones with snowflakes if that is your theme, however if you are just looking for general winter themes you can also look for ones with presents, ornaments or snowman. 

Besides that actual snowflake wedding favors you could also look for things like take home boxes and favor boxes decorated with snowflakes in order to send them home with leftover cake or chocolates while still using the snowflake theme. 

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