What Are Wedding Favors?

What Are Wedding favors?

They are small gifts of appreciation for your guests.

If personalized, whose name goes first?

The groom’s name goes first if they are handed out at the wedding. It they are for a bridal shower, when the wedding was planned but are still unmarried it is the woman’s. You can either put their names and the date – such as Jessican and Jonathon, June 21, 2015 or you can go the more traditional route which would be Mr. And Mrs. Jonathan Smith, June 21, 2015.

Give me some examples of popular wedding favors

Wedding Favors have come a long way. Virtually anything can be a used these days. Some popular choices include candle holders, picture frames, wedding bells, trinket boxes and keychains.

What about practical wedding favors, items my guests will actually use. Do you have an example of those?

Sure. If you want your guests to remember you when their at home in the kitchen you could get them something like cookie cutters or measuring spoons. You could as get coasters, magnets, keychains or even playing cards.

I have heard people are now giving out edible favors. Would you recommend this?

Yes, this is becoming more and more popular. Many people do not keep the favors they receive and that’s why many brides and grooms have started choosing gifts that were either practical or edible. Why spend all this money to thank people if they are going to shove the item in a drawer somewhere? Some popular edible favors are personalized coffee packets, candy bars, gourmet cookies, Jordan Almonds or mints.

That brings up one last question. How much will I be paying? What can I expect?

Well of course there are a lot of factors including who you buy from, what type of favor, etc. However most favors range from $.50 - $5.00 per person. The large majority fall within $1 - $3 a person.

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