Fall Wedding Centerpieces

Fall wedding centerpieces can add the beauty of the season to your wedding reception. When planning a wedding during the time of year when the trees have become resplendent with glowing colors of red, gold and orange, creating seasonal centerpieces can create add a unique touch to your event. To help achieve this look, there are several different approaches.

Using The Autumn Harvest

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When we think of fall, one of the first associations is with the harvest, so what better way to create distinct fall wedding centerpieces than with using the season's bounty? The use of fresh fruits and vegetables available at your local farmers' markets can be a great source of inspiration. The traditional pumpkins and gourds or even colorful heads of cabbage can be incorporated within a more traditional arrangement with flowers or candles, or can be used as the vessel for the flower arrangement.

They can also be used by themselves to create an autumn vignette at the center of the table. Fall harvest fruits can be used to further evoke a sense of the season. Apples, in their myriad of colors, can be made to suit any color scheme, and smaller crab apples could add a very sweet seasonal touch to a more traditional arrangement. While still in the realm of fresh foods, being daring and mixing items such as individual Brussels sprouts or interesting foliage such as Dinosaur Kale could create quite the conversation piece (a potential asset at an event where your guests might be searching for things to discuss - now they can discuss your fall wedding centerpieces).

Utilizing Your Own Backyard

Another place to look for inspiration for fall wedding centerpieces would be your own (or a friend or relative's) backyard. The traditional idea of incorporating the fall leaves and branches is a great way to get color and a sense of the season. Looking to fall berries such as Dogwood, Rose hips, and St. Johns' Wort, or even seed heads of ornamental grasses such as Sea Oats or Muhly Grass can create a unique, sophisticated look for your arrangements. Depending on your location, sprigs of raspberry with the fruits still on them can add a very attractive, slightly whimsical look to your table.

Adding Some Traditional Touches

If the look you are seeking is more traditional, even the use of more floral-based fall wedding centerpieces can be still made to look like the season. Using flowers that are naturally in bloom this time of year – Chrysanthemums, Asters, even Japanese Anemones, and the blooms of the white hydrangeas that have just begun to acquire their hints of red, could be beautiful at this time of year.

The key to making a seasonal Fall Centerpiece is flexibility. The availability of many of these items is dependent on the weather, so you need to be open to different ideas and what can be found for your wedding. Just don't be afraid of trying something different than a traditional centerpiece. Talk to your florist, or if you want, try some of these ideas yourself. However your approach, add a touch of the season to your special day.

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