Engagement Party Invitation Wording that Suits your Party Style

Are you looking for guidelines on Engagement Party Invitation Wording? Finally, you and your fiancé have discussed your wedding plans to your parents. The Engagement Party is yet to come and you are, perhaps, looking for the right engagement party invitation wording. There are a lot of rules regarding Engagement Party but you must follow what your heart dictates. You must also consider your budget as weddings are very costly nowadays.

Your Parents are very kind to offer you an engagement party or you and your mate decided to have your own engagement party. What would you like the party be? Engagement Party Invitation Wording depends on the type of engagement party you would like it to be.

If you would like the engagement party to be formal, you might consider having a cocktail or a formal lunch. If you want this type of party, then your engagement party invitation wording should be formal. Cocktail Engagement Parties are elegant evening celebration where fabulous dresses are worn with variety of glasses, wines, spirits, mixers and garnishes to grace the occasion. Of course having such party is expensive. A bit modest type of cocktail is inviting them over for lunch in a restaurant or in the house of the party host and hire caterers. Opening wines after lunch can add flavor to the occasion.

A Simple afternoon tea that can be held at home, in gardens with flavored teas, exotic coffees with different colored cakes and sandwiches are sweet engagement parties. You can also invite the most picturesque parks or out of town getaways for a picnic and announce the engagement. If you and your fiancé love an afternoon stroll at the park or just simply love outdoor activities, having this type of engagement party is for you.

The traditional way and perhaps the most popular engagement party is the casual barbeque afternoon in a garden where gardens are romantically lit when it gets dark. You can have your engagement party unique by having you own themed party. Engagement Part Invitation Wording on themed party may vary from the most unique and wackiest wordings to the most formal and romantic wordings depending on the theme of the party. You can have a masquerade ball, a swimming engagement party.

Although having an engagement party is not really necessary, it gives you the opportunity to announce to everyone that you are officially engaged. As soon as the news spread around relatives and friends, it is nice to confirm it with an invitation. Engagement Party Invitation Party Wording may vary depending on the type of engagement you would like it to be. Engagement Party kicks-off the wedding preparation so make sure that the event is within your budget.

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