Cutting Wedding Costs

Cutting wedding costs is a priority to many brides! How can it not be really in this economy and the simple fact that you could spend thousands and thousands of dollars planning your wedding.

It is hard to imagine getting to a point where you have to cut out things from your wedding or buy stuff that is not your first choice, but it happens. How will you go about cutting costs? Here are a few ideas: 

  • Go to bridal fairs and events. You may find vendors you didn’t even know of. You will most certainly get new ideas for your wedding. You may even be exposed to special discounts.

  • Shop Online. When cutting wedding costs is essential, shopping online is a must! Many online merchants offer big discounts on retail prices. There really is not much you cannot shop for online. You can buy everything from wedding apparel, wedding stationery, bride and bridal party jewelry, accessories and more.
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  • Buy a cheaper wedding gown. When working on cutting wedding coststrimming the money spent on the clothing for the day helps a lot! Sure that $4000.00 wedding gown is fabulous, but aren’t you fabulous enough that you will look just as great in any gown, even one substantially cheaper?

  • Buy cheaper accessories. You will only use the cake topper, the toasting glasses and the cake knife and serving set once. Do you really need to spend hundreds on each item?

  • Make sure your guest list is as streamlined as possible. If money is an issue remember that you will spend 30 – 50% of your budget on the reception and the reception hall charges per head.

  • Consider getting married on an off day. Saturday weedings are the most popular and because of this some reception halls have different prices for different days. If it is an option to get married on Friday or Sunday, look into price differences.

  • Instead of hiring a band, consider hiring a good DJ instead.

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