Cherished Wedding Favors

Are you shopping for cherished wedding favors? There are so many great wedding favors on the market today - how do you ensure that your guests cherish yours? I believe the answer is simple - give them something they will use. When you give someone a practical favor, one which they will actually use, they will cherish it more. It is now much more than a keepsake, it is a present with meaning. 

Here are some ideas for cherished wedding favors along with photos and where to buy them. Enjoy! 

Cherished Wedding Favors - Kitchen Gadgets

There are many different types of kitchen gadgets that you can choose. Some of the more popular include cookie cutters, kitchen timers and measuring spoons. We love them all, but personally, our favorite is the ice cream scoop. Everyone loves ice cream, it is a sweet treat that most people enjoy. So why not let your guests think of you next time they enjoy a sundae? 

Cherished Wedding Favors - The Corkscrew

Want to give something else practical and useful? How about a corkscrew? Wedding favor corkscrews come in many different styles, but the one we choose to show here is a nice simple heart - straightforward and to the point! 

Cherished Wedding Favors - Bottle Openers

Do you like the idea of the corkscrew but you want this favor to mean something to your guests who do not enjoy wine? How about giving them a bottle opener, like the one you see above. It will be useful and practical but it is still a very nice wedding favor.

Cherished Wedding Favors - Notepads

A nice notepad is also a good choice. This is the kind of favor that your guests could hang on the fridge or put next to the phone. It is not only practical but a little on the unique side. Not many brides and grooms give out wedding favors like this. 

Cherished Wedding Favors - Photo Albums

If you want to give your guests something really nice, how about a photo album? These photo albums can be given to all your guests or immediate family only. If you like the idea of a photo album, but are not sure that this is the right favor for you - why not use it another way? You can buy one of these for each of your wedding reception tables, and fill them with different photos. Now your guests will have something to look at and talk about! 

Cherished Wedding Favors - Bottle Stoppers

Bottle stoppers are also a great favor that can be used and cherished! There are so many of these on the market, you can choose many different styles. Of course we thought the butterfly was adorable. It is pretty and cute, will fit into any spring wedding or a wedding theme which is on the whimsical side. 

Cherished Wedding Favors - Coasters

Coasters are yet another practical wedding favor. Many people use coasters on a daily basis so your guests will certainly be able to use these for years to come. 

Cherished Wedding Favors - Bookmarks

Everyone reads, why not give your guests a nice bookmark to save their place in whatever they are reading. Bookmarks are useful whether your guests are into reading books for fun or if they choose to use them as place savers in textbooks, instruction manuals or ever magazines. 

Cherished Wedding Favors - Salt and Pepper Shakers

Our last example is salt and pepper shakers. Your guests can either choose to use these daily or because they are a little nicer than typical salt and pepper shakers they may choose to bring them out for holidays and special events.

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