Tips in Making Your Own Beaded Wedding Jewelry Set

Are you planning on wearing beaded wedding jewelry? You can either decide to buy premade pieces or to make your own. This article focuses on how to make your own but if you want to buy it instead, that is fine! All the photos are of premade beaded jewelry that you can buy online! 

There are so many kinds of bridal jewelries you can wear on your wedding day, and if you're on a budget and still fancy an elegant jewelry set, you can try doing your own beaded wedding jewelry set. In doing this, you're not just trying to cut down the expenses, but you are making a memorabilia of your wedding. 

Another advantage of crafting your own beaded wedding jewelry is that you are one hundred percent sure that yours will be one of a kind, and you're worry-free of wearing jewelries the same as your guest's. Wearing something that will give you an added confidence will surely make you stand out, and because it is your wedding day, you should be the center of attention. 

In making your beaded wedding jewelry, you have to consider the wedding gown that you will wear. It should complement the cut, color, texture, and shape of your wedding dress. 

For your necklace, consider the neckline of your wedding gown to measure its length. Also, make sure that the dimension will suit your neck so it won't loose and just fall in perfect position. You can also embellish it with a pendant; it's either your birthstone or a special crystal given by a relative or a friend. 

Your earrings and necklace should go together. If you place a stone on your necklace, be sure that you will place a small version of that stone to your earrings. And if you want dangling earrings, go for a lightweight material like pearl or Swarovski crystals. 

One good point of crafting your own beaded wedding jewelry is that you'll be able to make a bracelet that'll fit your wrist. And it will be easy for you to make the bracelet because it's like your necklace, just a little shorter in length. 

If you're wearing a tiara, you can also put some beads like pearls or crystals to match your necklace, earrings, and bracelet. You can do the same to your hairclips if you're going to wear some.

The color of your beads should compliment the color of your wedding gown. Faux pearls and crystals are available in different colors and shades. These beads can be made into stunning beaded wedding jewelries at low cost. And you can surely find the color that will certainly match your bridal dress. 

By making your own beaded wedding jewelry set, you are not limited to what is available in the market with your limited budget. You can still have the best jewelry handcrafted especially for you and by you. 

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