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My Dream Destination Wedding Gown

by Angela
(Terre Haute, Indiana)

I have always wanted to be married on the beach in a beautiful gown. To be married in a beautiful setting and in a beautiful dress is something every little girl dreams of since the day she runs around the house with a pillow case on her head.

My dream gown would be very light and flowing. I think that since you are getting married outside, on the beach, your gown should be flowing in the wind. I would think it would be strapless and light.

There would only be a very few things I would add to the ensemble. I wouldn’t wear shoes. Why would you wear shoes on the beach? The best part about the beach is feeling the sand between your toes. I would wear no veil but just let my hair blow in the wonderful breeze. I would wear a necklace perhaps. And that would be it.

Getting married on the beach should be a beautiful experience. Your dress and hair should blow in the breeze and your feet should be barefoot, feeling the sand between your toes.

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