Merging Two Cultures

Merging two cultures can seem a little scary at first, but it can be done painlessly.


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Families, just like individuals, have different personalities, traits and qualities. There are the basic differences such as age, social status, economic status, race and religion. Then there are other ways families can be different such as political affiliations, type of employment and personal value systems.

When you have the first meeting of the families be sure to throw it on neutral ground. If you and your fiancé share a living space and can accommodate throw a dinner at your own house. If you do not yet share living quarters or cannot have the party yourself have it at a restaurant. Do not have one set of parents throw the party, as both sets of parents should have similar comfort levels.

Each set of parents should be briefed about the other side before the meeting. It is important to allow everyone to know important, positive information about each other beforehand. This will set everyone more at ease and help to create easier conversation. Also if there are any topics that should be avoided the guests should be alerted beforehand.

After the party be sure to write both sets of parents thank you cards to let them know that you appreciate that the took the time for this meeting, that you had fun and so did everyone else, including the other set of parents.

As long as you keep an open mind and really try to make it work, merging two cultures can be done. The important thing to remember is that you and your fiance really love each other and want it to work.

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