France Beaches

Tourist Attractions in France

People from all over Europe and the world look for France beaches when searching for a great summer vacation on the Old Continent. Some of the top tourist attractions in France can be found along the country's coasts, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea. Read on to find some great tips when planning where to go on your French vacation.


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France Beaches - Saint Jean de Luz

Saint Jean de Luz offers its visitors some of the most charming tourist attractions in France. In the heart of the Basque Country, this quaint village has wonderful beaches and unique Basque architecture. It has everything you could ask for in a French city, including markets, shops and sidewalk cafes, without losing that small town feel.

Saint Jean de Luz is but a few minutes from Spain and also close to the Pyrenees, which also allows the town to offer its visitors breath-taking scenery. Plus, the docks are almost always filled with colorful ships that attract both tourists and townspeople alike. Getting to this town is not difficult, but finding a place to stay or even park can be hard sometimes.

France Beaches - Villefranche sur Mer

Just five minutes away from Nice, one of the most famous tourist attractions in France is Villefranche sur Mer. This amazing town has a much quieter and sandier shoreline. With a more private and less tourist-filled environment, people flock to Villefranche sur Mer for some serious sunbathing.

This beautiful town also offers visitors views of some of the country's finest mansions. There is also a lovely market with very friendly folk. And of course, if you wish for a little bit more action, a five minute train ride will take you to the more high profile city of Nice.

Other Great French Beaches - Cap Ferret

A spectacular peninsula that neighbors Bordeaux, great tourist attractions in France can be found in Cap Ferret. There are wonderful beaches that are not crowded. Cap Ferret's beaches allow guests the chance to enjoy some surfing and fishing. Visitors can choose to bathe in the Atlantic Ocean or swim along the shoreline of Cap Ferret Bay.

There are many beautiful France beaches to choose from if you're looking to escape from it all and have a great European summer vacation. France's coastline on either side, Atlantic of Mediterranean, offer tourists many exciting options that include sunbathing, swimming, surfing and much more. It is not difficult to find suitable tourist attractions in France to visit on your stay in this great country.

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