Why You Should Consider Wearing Flip-Flops To Your Wedding

by Zara Bibber

The simple slippers in the 70s and 80s were rarely worn outside of the houses. Today, with some added designs, they have turned into what we call flip-flops. Teenagers and some young adults who are so peculiar on the way they dress are wearing flip-flops outside of their houses as a fashion statement, even in some formal occasions. 


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Wearing flip-flops on weddings are already accepted and popular. Wedding planners and those who are planning to get married likewise, consider flip-flops to be more fashionable. 

Flip-flops preferably used in a garden wedding or in a beach wedding or those celebrations that are a bit informal or are more casual. Wearing this kind of footwear is more comfy and cool than the typical white or dirty high heeled bridal shoes. 

Various designs of bridal flip-flops are now offered in the market. Designers are making styles that would perfectly fit in even in a traditional church wedding

You can see different styles of bridal flip-flops on wedding boutiques or wedding shops. Classic or typical, stylish or fancy, simple but elegant designs are available. You can choose what you like. 

Others come in full packed with add-ons such as valuable stones or sea shells. The ladies desire the contrast the stones give to a wedding white dress 

Other materials used in decorating bridal flip-flops are sequins and various trimmings. A common practice is to dye flip-flops so they match the bridal entourage palette

he great thing about bridal flip-flops is they are extremely affordable. You can even get a pair for $5.00. Fancier pairs in bridal boutiques can cost around $30 upwards depending on their design. So if you are planning a beach or garden wedding, why not consider wearing a pair of fancy flip-flops? Not only are they pretty but they are also light on the wallet. 

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