Famous Places in France

Facts about France

When someone starts talking about famous places in France, what's the first place that comes to mind? Well, it's easy to learn some fast facts about France if you include some of the following famous places in your tour of this European country. Read on to find some very interesting spots to get a French history lesson.


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Famous Places in France - Paris

A week in Paris may just be enough to get a chance to see some of its most famous landmarks. Places like the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral will teach visitors several interesting facts about France including information about the French Revolution and medieval France.

The Louvre is the world's most famous museum and is home to most of the best works of art known to modern man. The Eiffel Tower attracts millions of visitors each year and is considered France's main landmark. And of course, no visit to France is complete without a trip to the spectacular Notre Dame Cathedral.

Other famous spots to visit while in the French capital include the basilica of Sacre Coeur and the world-famous Moulin Rouge theatre. Sacre Coeur sits atop a hill that overlooks most of the City of Light and offers its visitors a marvelous view of Paris. On the other hand, a visit to Paris is not complete without taking in a show at the renowned Moulin Rouge theatre.

Famous Places in France - Normandy

The northern coast of Normandy is a very popular pilgrimage spot where there are many facts about France to be learned. These facts are about World War II and the beaches where soldiers landed to carry out D-Day. Normandy is therefore very famous for its beaches as well as for its nearby cemeteries and D-Day memorials.

Another Important Place to Visit in France - Versailles Palace

Over 100 years' worth of facts about France can be found at the magnificent Versailles Palace. Once home to France's monarchy, this palace is both grand an impressive. Visitors will be taken away with the chateau's colorful gardens and scenery.

So, when trying to decide which famous places in France you wish to include on your tour, keep in mind that some of the most beautiful places are found outside of Paris. It is also important to make some time to visit a wide array of sites, from churches to museums to beaches.

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